Zahard (자하드; or "Jahad") is the famed "King of the Tower" and the most famous and greatest being residing inside; he is like a god to the inhabitants of the Tower.[1] He is a High Ranker, currently retaining the 3rd spot in ranking, and the overarching ruler of Zahard's Floors and founder of the Zahard Empire while still conquering the Tower.

Infamous for his prevailing immortality, he has become the prime target of FUG.[2]


In the ancient times, when there was no civilisation in the Tower, Zahard came into the Tower and built his own empire.[1] Zahard conquered the Tower with the 10 Great Warriors and gained the control of the first 134 Floors from the Floor Guardians. It is said he was the first person to form a contract with a Guardian of the Tower.[3]. This conquest is known among the Tower's residents as "The Great Journey". He became king through contracts with the Guardians.[4]

On the day Zahard declared himself the King of the Tower he decided to stop climbing, thus hiding the Key of the Tower that would open the door leading to the higher Floors so that no one could go beyond the 134th Floor.[5]

Zahard had been in love with Arlen Grace and asked her to marry him but she refused and ran away. Zahard was forced to engage in a war with his love interest and former ally V, as they opposed his desire to stop climbing the Tower. Although Zahard won and forced them into hiding, when he learned Arlen had a child with V, he was furious and heart-broken and killed the child in front of Arlen in his rage for his unrequited love.


Zahard is ranked 3rd which seems poor when reflecting his influence and the splendour of the past (he was firmly the No. 1 Ranker before Phantaminum and Enryu appeared).[1] He is the supreme ruler of the Zahard Empire, but because he is inactive—said to be "hibernating"—the Three Lords handle the day-to-day ruling in his stead.[1] He is technically an Irregular but he is not considered to be one by anyone with the exception of the Floor Guardians.[1]

Zahard is currently resting, leaving the outside activities to his daughters and the Three Lords, but a lot of people expect that the day Zahard is on the move again is the day Zahard Empire expands by another Floor.[1] It's said, after the next shift of the political system, Zahard will be active again and capture the at the very least the 135th Floor.

Of course, more and more people are anticipating the return of Zahard's rumoured 'only son'.[1]

One thing that should be noted is that his chosen Family—the Zahard Family—is the greatest authority in the Tower. Although none of his 'children' are bound to Zahard by blood, he has managed to create and sustain the most powerful and the largest family in the Tower.

Zahard Symbol

Zahard logo

The Zahard symbol

Zahard and his empire are represented by a symbol known as the "Red Three Eyes" (적색삼안, Jeoksaeksahmahn), which consists of 3 eyes and 3 dots; the eyes are above and the dots are below. A similar symbol consisting of 3 eyes, 3 dots and a cross, was seen in the cave area where Baam was sealed.[6] However, it's unknown what meaning that symbol carries outside of the Tower or whether Zahard's own symbol has any connection to the one seen in Baam's cave.

Powers and Abilities

Zahard is the great king of the Tower and a true warrior. People who have seen Zahard in combat are very rare, but he is known to have outstanding power as until the arrival of Phantaminum and Enryu, he was the top Ranker in the Tower. "White Sword" Arie Hon, the strongest of the 10 Great Warriors, had recollected "I have fought Zahard ten times and was always defeated, thereby I became his servant".[1] Zahard's daughters, who have invested his powers are all categorised as the 'Ultimate species'; his "daughters" are not blood-related to him and are selected by a specific set of tests or a specific procedure.[1]

Even at his younger days, Zahard has always been extremely powerful and skilled. He effortlessly outmatched Baam in their first altercation and can challenge Baam using the full power of Enryu's Thorn.

Shinwonryu Inside

Specifically, Zahard is apparently a sublime close-combatant, dominating the field at the front lines as a Fisherman with brutish strength.[citation needed] However, he is perfectly suited to the use of Shinsoo and, although he wasn't its greatest user, he is still among the greatest at manipulating Shinsoo.[citation needed] He is also proficient in all other positions as well and can fit in them magnificently.

Due to a contract with the Floor Guardians, none of the inhabitants of the Tower can harm Zahard; in effect, this means that only an Irregular can kill him - the organisation with the closest possession of the means to do this is FUG.[2]

Shinsoo Techniques:

Shinwonryu: A technique learned from the God of Guardians, which Zahard claimed to have mastered, saying that Baam's use of it was sloppy compared to his, Zahard is able to create spheres of Shinwonryu and can make it explode inside himself to make him stronger and to launch powerful attacks.[7]

Golden Needle from Mystery Island (수수께끼 섬의 황금 니들): Zahard creates a giant golden needle made out of Shinsoo. [8]

Zahard Style Air Explosion Iron Fist (자하드식 공파술 금강장): Zahad sends his enemy flying with a strong Shinsoo blast. With this attack Zahard disrupts the Shinsoo in his oppontent's body without touching him. [9]

Zahard Style Lethal Move - Rampage (자하드 류 살인기 팡란): a technique used for close combat.

Zahard Style Shinsu Control Skill - Cosmos (자하드식 신수제어술 코스모스): technique used with intention to a cause massive destruction, but it was nullified by Shinwonryu.

Zahard Style Shinsu Control - Golden Bomb (자하드 류 신수제어술 금탄): a projectile technique used by data version of young Zahard in the Hidden Floor.



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