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Yuram Zahard
Korean Name 유람 자하드
Status Deceased
Family Zahard Family
Affiliations Zahard's Princesses


Yuram Zahard (유람 자하드, Yoorahm Jahad, "Yuram Zahard") is a deceased Princess of Zahard and the former owner of the Indigo July. She was murdered by Garam Zahard, who stole her weapon, the Indigo July. Her death occurred before the "Enne Zahard Incident".

She was from the same birth Family as Garam Zahard[1] and the fact they share generation names (same character in their given name, its placement switches depending on the odd or even generation) means they come from the same generation: 유람 (Yuram) and 가람 (Garam).[2]

Notes and Trivia

  • An off comment from Black March and Green April seems to indicate Yuram ignited two of the 13 Months Series at once and became crazy as a result.[3]


  3. Vol.2 Ch.242: 43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (11)


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