Yeon Yihwa



Korean Name 연 이화
Status Alive
Location 39th Floor
Position Fisherman
Family Yeon Family
Affiliations Regulars
Team Tangsooyook
Age 22[citation needed]
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 1

Yeon Yihwa (연 이화, Yeon Yihwa; or "Yun Eehwa"), known by some as the "Yeon Family's Flare", is a member of the Yeon Family one of the 10 Great Families. She is a Regular climbing with the rest of her team, having recently participated in the Workshop Battle. She has been on the Hell Express and was working with Baam and his team to gain Kaiser's name at the 'Name Hunt' Station. Since Yuri Jahad's attack on said station, Yihwa has been recovering from the trauma, while in the care of Wolhaiksong.[1]


  • Immolating a person with her incredible flames
  • The very young Yeon Yihwa

When she was very young, Yihwa was praised for her incredible flames after immolating a person with them.[2] Yeon entered the Tower when she was 14 and passed the Second Floor with the highest scores. Afterwards, it only took her 5 years to reach the 20th Floor and all without anyone's help, including her Family's.[3] After failing many times before, she was later seen in the same test as Wangnan, having burned him and the rest of her team, causing them both to fail the test.[4] At some point in her history, she asked someone for help in trying to control her flames but was rebutted since she was a member of the Yeon Family.[2]

Appearance and Personality

Yihwa is a tall girl in her early twenties, with straight black hair often held in place by her hairband which has the symbol of the Yeon Family on it.

Yihwa appears to dislike being accused of being traitorous. Also, she's rather naïve, drinking a drink offered to her from Prince without thinking twice, likely because she assumed no one would dare to harm a noble from a Great Family. Lastly, she's generally hot-tempered, with her frustrations mainly showing between Viole and Wangnan. She is insecure over her powers, leading her to call herself a "defective product" as a member of Yeon Family who couldn't control her powers, though Akraptor reassures her that "compared to the other defective products on their team", she was on the "useful" side.

She seems to be quite proud of being a member of the Yeon Family, as well as having a nice, appealing body (in her opinion). This last point is turning to be a running gag. She once declared bluntly that she had a bigger chest than Ja Wangnan.[5] Also she decided to eliminate Viole during the next test after hearing that he had no interest in her body.[6] The running gag is that she becomes furious at Viole for his lack of interest in her body and not because she was sharing a room with a male member of FUG. Basically, she wanted Viole to desire her (or her body). She had her pride as a woman and believed she was superior to other females because of her heritage. Thus, she expected to be desired and was furious when he bluntly rejected her advances.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

The Strongest Regular

She passed the Survival Round as a member of Prince's helpers, then came 3rd in the next test with a score of 22,384. This, even though being extremely high, apparently puts her to shame, because she missed. Apparently, if she had hit something with focus, the strength would have been immeasurable. When Viole announced that he would take no teammates, she yells at him and accused him of being so arrogant as to pretend to be a Slayer candidate. When he said with all seriousness that he was a part of FUG, she was left speechless.


She decided to try to team up with Viole in order to pass the test. Failing one more time would bring shame to her family. She plotted to use him and then after the test, she could eliminate him by seizing any openings. This way, she could avoid being thrown out of the Family for teaming up with an FUG member. She mistook Viole for a girl and called him "Miss Grace", probably because she had only roomed with other females. However, she received a rude shock when "Miss Grace" walked into the spa section meant for males.

The Untrustworthy Room

She tried to stop Viole from attacking the other Regulars to get through, but her flames were easily stopped. Later two Regulars managed to control her. In that marionette state she released her flames which caused havoc around her and forced Prince, who unknowingly helped those two, to run away from her to his room. Yihwa was forced to attack Horyang who showed up to Prince's room in order to rescue him, but she stopped once she was freed by Viole.

  • Yihwa snapping...
  • Yihwa's flames
  • Kinky...
  • Viole removing the parasite.
  • The result of Yihwa's explosive firepower!


Yihwa passed the 20th Floor test after surviving Mule Love's challenge. She believed that people from FUG were bad people who are not to be trusted; however, she was also one of Viole's teammates while knowing that he was a member of FUG. Convinced that Viole was terrorizing the Regulars in the shopping district, she followed him to a karaoke bar. There, she met Hwa Ryun and a very surprised Viole. She then started yelling at Viole, then Ha Jinsung, who suddenly appeared. She continued shouting at him despite her knowing he was a High Ranker and Viole had to knock her out. That night, she went up to see Viole and burned Wangnan when he teased her about Hwa Ryun being prettier than her.

Flower of Zygaena

During the test it was found out that the other team ran away after hearing that Viole was on their team. The test administrator decided to creates a new test for the team. The team had to find Zygaena's flower, a gem which grew inside of Zygaena. Yihwa entered Zygaena with the rest of her teammates to search for the flower. She was left behind when Viole ran on ahead after he sensed the presence of someone with uncommon power, who turned out to be no less than the infamous Irregular, Urek Mazino.

She joined the team in the effort to fight Urek, but they were unable to stop him.

Epilogue, Path

Later, after the encounter ended, she learned that the Yeon Family on the 21st Floor had been eliminating Zygaena's babies by picking the flower to prevent their growth. She became depressed by this but was manipulated by Hwa Ryun into taking action. She then desired to correct her Family's wrongs when she becomes a Ranker.


On the 28th Floor, she blew up the opposing team as they were pinned down with Goseng and Prince's Lighthouse. She then ran over to where Wangnan was, only to find the fight was already over. 

Devil of the Right Arm

She and the rest of the team listened to Horyang tell the tale about his past. That night, after the team had decided to wear coats like Horyang's to greet Cassano, she stayed awake. When she heard that Wangnan, Prince and Akraptor were thinking about going after Viole and Horyang, she volunteered to hire a suspendiship in the name of the Yeon Clan.


When the four of them arrived at the Hand of Arlen, they were all awe-struck at the state it had been reduced to. As they hunted for Viole and Horyang, she got a reading of Viole's pocket. After Wangnan blew up the rubble with one of his Shinsoo Bombs, they found Koon underneath. They brought him home and she treated him, only to start burning the acupuncture needle. Koon woke up and was about to stab Wangnan, but everything was explained. Koon trained them for a month to pass the 29th Floor test, but she couldn't control her flames. On the night before the test, she repeatedly tried to attain accuracy with her flames, but the resultant explosions from her practice kept everyone up. Despite going to the test exhausted, they still passed.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

She arrived with Team Tangsooyook on the middle of the 30th Floor and stayed at the hotel that was booked for her team.

One Shot, One Opportunity

When the game started, she was in a lighthouse, watching the ocean view. She was sent by Koon to the Archimedes.


Yeon and Rak

Yeon giving jelly to Rak

When she saw Rak for first time, she mistook him for a dinosaur. After Koon left the room, Yihwa tried to calm Rak down, but accidentally burned him. She later offered him a piece of jelly, but Rak knocked it down for being blue like Koon, upsetting Yihwa and causing an explosion. When Rak was with Dan, she appeared with Quaetro and tried to take a picture of Rak.

Battle x Gamble

Alongside Goseng, she scolded Prince because he told Miseng she would never get stronger. When she participated in the group with Quaetro Blitz, she argued with Quaetro about using fire to burn other people excessively. Quaetro told Yihwa that she was afraid of her own powers. She eventually qualified for the next round.

The Truth

She skipped the party and went along with Rak to find Viole. Both snuck into the FUG hotel and during their search they met Androssi, who also had the same goal in mind.


Wangnan summoned her and she took part in the Development Tournament. She was with Development Team Tangsooyook when they heard about the result of the northern area and Viole's departure from the FUG team. She defended Viole saying, "He... He is a bad person, but Mr. Viole is not someone who would ditch his team!" 


She screamed and exited the room saying she did not like bugs, then was seen with Rak, Wangnan and Akraptor trying to get Vespa out of the room. When they were called by Koon, she learned the whole truth about FUG's plan to convert Viole in a weapon.

When they got out to the battlefield, she teamed up with Rak while covering Wangnan. When Paul and Macha of Team Snake appeared, she and Rak teamed up to defeat them. After Beta appeared asking if they were friends of Viole, she denied it, saying she would never be friends with a member of FUG. When they encountered Beta again, Rak said Yihwa was Viole's wife.


She, along with Rak and Laure, teamed up to take down Beta and protect Wangnan inside the summoning station. She managed to destroy Medina, the true vanguard, earning them enough points to summon Viole.


She aided Viole briefly in his fight with Beta and then watched as he happily reunited with Rak and Koon. She was glum as she was surprised Viole could make such a happy face. Later on, she, Akraptor and Quaetro searched for Horyang and only came across success when Xia Xia decided to reveal their locations.


She was sitting by Wangnan's bedside when he finally woke up, startling her. They talk briefly and then she tells him to come out and greet everyone. Chang later noticed her staring at Wangnan and commented that he wasn't the only one who had taken note of Wangnan's incredible regenerative ability.

Later on, her, Prince and Rak followed Baam around when he went on his date with Androssi (much to the latter's chagrin).

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


Yihwa was reading up on the Hell Express and wondered whether to stay with her team or not, as more powerful foes were coming up. She later wondered what Wangnan might be hiding when Hwa Ryun appeared and asked her what was on her mind. Yihwa rebuffed her offer and Hwa Ryun told her not to dig too deep or she might find out about Zahard and the 10 Great Families' biggest mistake.
Later on, she brought Viole to the meeting Hwa Ryun had organised.

Revolution Road

Yihwa appeared on the platform of the Hell Express with Koon and Wangnan and then teamed up with the latter when they took on Cassano. With coordinated attacks, the two managed to take the upper hand against the living Ignition Weapon until their fight was interrupted by the actions of Angel, who attacked Yihwa with her metalfish, and the Mad Dog, who attacked Wangnan. Before Rachel's group could escape into the Hell Express, Koon hurled her and Wangnan into the train after sealing them into the White Heavenly Mirror. After the train departed from the station and got a considerable distance away, she and Wangnan were freed from the blade's seal and got ready to execute their mission on board the train.


She and Wangnan followed Rachel's group through the train thinking of a way to retrieve Hwa Ryun. When Rachel's group continued onwards, the two tried to follow but got stuck by the maths-based puzzle. Struggling with how to solve it, Rachel's group unexpectedly came out and Wangnan tried to attack on Hwa Ryun's orders. However, Hoaqin effortlessly subdued his attack and the two were taken hostage with Hwa Ryun. The two then witnessed Hoaqin's fearsome strength as the group passed the 36th Floor stage test.

Wooden Horse

With Angel and Mad Dog keeping an eye on them, the former laid down the cold truth to Yihwa when she tried to call FUG's actions out. When the train suddenly began rumbling, Angel and Mad Dog went to see what was happening, leaving Yihwa and Wangnan by themselves.

Using their lack of supervision to their advantage, the two got free and started navigating the train again. As they were walking down a pathway, they encountered a person they least expected to see. Realising he was another part of Hoaqin, they followed him wondering what he would be like.

A Month

Vicente complained of being hungry and Yihwa gave him some banana-shaped chips to sate him. Vicente thanked them for the snack and he continued walking on, with Yihwa and Wangnan noticing how different Vicente was to Hoaqin. Deciding to pretend to take him to Hoaqin, the two began leading Vicente. Hearing noises, Vicente went to check it out and they soon encountered their previous captors fighting against Rak and other Regulars. Vicente chided them for making so much noise and stopped their fighting. Angel and Mad Dog tried to convince Vicente that Yihwa and Wangnan were his enemies, but Vicente defended them because they gave him snacks when he was hungry. Vicente then threatened Rachel's allies until Hoaqin arrived and contently reunited with his sibling. After some discussion between the two siblings, they clashed and Hoaqin told his allies to attack. Wangnan then sealed Vicente within the White Heavenly Mirror and their group fled the scene.

Later Wangnan freed Vicente from the blade when the latter agreed to help them stop Hoaqin and together they cleared the stages of the train they came up against. Yihwa was also present when Daniel struck a deal with the group. She later arrived at the 4th stage with the rest of the group in time for the game to begin.

The Dallar Show

Yeon Yihwa - Yeon Flame

Yihwa watched as the first round of the Dallar Show was quickly won by Koon, giving Team Viole the first win. With the second round game, "Transferring the sweetfish", beginning, Yihwa was partnered with Bero Bero and Hongjo. They encountered Angel and the Mad Dog at the time. Later on, the Mad Dog step out of the fight between Yihwa and Angel and guarded the entrance of their battle place. Angel then started to attack first and begin to pressure Yihwa, physically and mentally. Saying that Yihwa's family is the cause why she became herself now. And filthy family like Yeon, shouldn't be on the top 10 families. Hearing that, Yihwa got mad and begin to lose control of her fire (she's in uncounciousness state). The fire started to flare over her whole body. Burning everything that close to her range. Also, the flame itself started to functioning as barrier/shield that protect her from an enemy's attack. Yihwa almost instantly attacked Angel and the Mad Dog with a large blast of fire before attempting to flee. Bouncing around on the pipes, she was almost skewered by Angel but was saved by Hongjo's timely intervention. Realising she had to use stronger flames against Angel, she hit her with a powerful blast of fire. In response, Angel acknowledged Yihwa's power and powered up herself.

Powers and Abilities

  • Yihwa's initial flames
  • Yihwa's current flames

Flame User (화염사, Hwayeomsa):[7] Yihwa is a fire user and claims her unrestrained flames are enough to cause the Rankers in her family trouble; Rak Wraithraiser has also mentioned that her flames are hotter than lava.[8] She is also immune to Quaetro Blitz's flames.[9] Initially she had trouble controlling her flames, as she fully admitted during her conversation with Akraptor, calling herself a 'defective product' because of it.[10] However Yihwa's control got better over the next few years but she still had trouble with her accuracy and couldn't hit specific targets; despite this she was later seen using her flames to knock out four opponents with a mini-explosion during a test.[11] During the Development Tournament of the Workshop Battle, she managed to hit a member of Team Snake fairly accurately and also managed to hit a small target such as Medina from a far distance with Wangnan even implying that her training paid off. After the events of the Workshop Battle, Yihwa has gained more confidence in controlling her flames.[12] After the timeskip, Yihwa has shown an impressive improvement on the control of her flames, being able to direct a large volume of flames to erupt from underneath Cassano.[13]
Her flames were initially a pinkish shade, tinted with violet, blue and sparks of white;[14] however, in her most recent display, her flames appear a more traditional fire-like colour with heavy black features.[13]

Furthermore, Yihwa is said to be from a very rare family even among the 10 Great Families. When she gets her powers under control, she'll have an ability that will even put Koon Ran to shame.[15]

Notes and Trivia

  • She has failed the 20th Floor Test on more than one occasion.
  • She was the sole person at fault for causing Ja Wangnan to fail an attempt at the 20th Floor Test.[4]
  • As it has been comically noted by many, it seems that Yihwa has began to develop romantic feelings for Viole.
  • As shown here, whenever Yihwa and Viole are together, Yihwa starts out with tights, which have mysteriously vanished by the time Viole leaves.
  • One of her nicknames is "Hellion", traditionally a term used to describe a mischievous person, but is also attributed to those with a fiery, uncontrollable nature.
  • Another of her nicknames is "Yeon Family's Flare".
  • Rak calls her "Angolan Demon Lord/King", or simply "Angolan".
  • She still believes that Rak is a dinosaur.[12]
  • SIU has stated that she's the main comic relief for Part II; being conned and exploited wherever she goes, even though she's second only to Viole in terms of fighting ability.
  • She is slightly sexist, by the nature of her family.
  • Yihwa is a bad cook since she burns everything she tries to make and is often made fun of because of this. Her teammates often try to prevent her from doing her share of cooking.
  • Yihwa later learns how to make barbecue without burning it. Her teammates have an open barbecue party every weekend to celebrate her accomplishment.[16]. She then manages to cook vegetables, but still makes some mistakes.[17]
  • Yihwa is a very rare occurence in the 10 families, as a daughter of the Yeon family is born only every 100 years. SIU added that if she controlled her powers, she'd have an ability that'd put Ran to shame.[18]


  • (To Ja Wangnan) "I've got a bigger chest than you!! You stinking male ape!!"[5]
  • (To Prince) "I'm sorry for saying something like this, but both of you should learn to start pulling your own weight."[19]
  • (To Prince) "Is there even any point in looking? The score of someone who borrows the strength of others to climb..."[19]
  • (To Hon Akraptor) "Then... what are you going to do? Are you going to laugh at me too? For being an idiot who can't even control her own powers? That I'm a defective product?"[10]
  • (Discussing Viole's happiness with Akraptor) "I didn't know he could make such an expression..."[20]

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