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Wolhaiksong (월하익송, Weolhaiksong; most likely 月下翼松, yue4 xia4 yi4 song1, "The Winged Tree Under the Moon"; ), or the Wing Tree (윙트리, Wingteuri) is a independent organisation (NGO) in the Tower which resides on the 77th Floor.

Co-founded by the famed High Ranker, Urek Mazino, and his best friend Baek Ryun, the influence and power of this organization are such that the 10 Great Families fear it.[1] Quant said that their headquarters were a "hellish place".[2]

The Wolhaiksong is also said to be like a social club centred around a few members.

Note: It seems The Company referred to "월/月(weol, yue4)" as "moonlight" which is actually "월광/月光(weol kwang, yue4 guang1)".

Etymology of the Wolhaiksong nameEdit

There have been various interpretation when it comes to translate Wolhaiksong. If SIU wanted to use an ambiguous term like “tree”, he would’ve used 木나무 목(mu4, nahmoo/namu). Or perhaps "樹, 나무 수(shu4, nahmoo/namu soo/su)". In Mandarin, both "木(mu4)" and "樹(shu4)" refer to tree. However, he specifically used "松, 소나무, 송(song1, soo/su namu, song)" where “松”; “소나무”, "송" mean “pine tree” in Mandarin/Korean. And SIU didn’t use any other botanical terms to describe the Wolhaiksong.

So, SIU is probably alluding to several imageries or meanings. The first being: the form of a tree with wings in place of branches resembles a pine tree. Note the resemblance of the Wolhaiksong symbol to a pine tree and he's probably not talking about the actual tree in this sense. The other meanings are unknown for the time being.

Also, Mandarin is very heavy on context and tends to "drop" characters so a name/phrase/sentence becomes shorter and sometimes, more elegant. So translating directly isn't always advisable. Or else, the result would be something like “Under the moon, a pine tree with wings or a winged pine tree.” Neither makes any sense as trees can't grow wings.

Also, there are often different ways of describing the first imagery (not the full context) and below are just a few examples. And the English transcription is somewhat literal, to grasp at the context.

月下的树。那棵有翅膀的树,非常相似松树。(yue4 xia4 de shu4. na4 ke you3 chi4 bang3 de shu4, fei1 chang3 xiang1 si4 song1 shu4) Tree under the moon. The tree which has "wings", very much "resembles" a pine tree.

When "tree" is first mentioned, the context is ambiguous. Only until "tree" is mentioned a second time, does the reader know the topic is talking about a singular tree, out of multiple trees. 站在月下的树好像只有翅膀,所以這些翅膀非常相似一棵松树的枝椏。(zhan4 zai4 yue4 xia4 de shu4 hao3 xiang4 zhi3 you3 chi4 bang3, suo3 yi3 zhe4 xie chi4 bang3 fei1 chang2 xiang1 si4 yi1 ke1 song1 shu4 de zhi1 ya1.)

Tree standing under the moon seems as though only has "wings", so these "wings" very much "resemble" the branches of a pine tree.

However, this sentence is even more ambiguous because it never defines if the tree is singular or multiple. Only through other context, can one arrive at the conclusion it's referring to a single tree.

In a way, you could say I(tofu21) chopped up the 2nd sentence and reformulated it to form the 1st.


The name Wolhaiksong, “Winged Tree Under Moonlight", originates from the story between Urek and Baek Ryun, where Urek shouted he'd give Baek Ryun's forest a pair of wings so Baek Ryun would leave his Floor. The forest was then compressed, stored in a box of wings which was a proof of friendship between the two men. Urek Mazino later moved Baek Ryun's forest to the 77th Floor and together with Urek and the founding members, Baek Ryun planted the Wingtree.[3]


The rumours about Wolhaiksong being an anti-government organisation are confirmed.[4] F.U.G is often compared to the Wolhaiksong because of their opposition to the 10 Great Families. Whereas the Wing Tree consists more of a "social club" centred around several members whose objective is "to find a way out of the Tower", FUG is a "religious organization" centred around a single faith with the aim of killing Zahard.[5] It's likely that their progressive image of "finding a way out of the Tower" disagrees with the kingdom's conservative ideals. Although the relationship between the FUG and Wolhaiksong is not that good, there are a few members who are associated with both groups.

Known membersEdit

Affiliated charactersEdit

  • Yuri Zahard
    Note: It's most likely Evan Edrok simply follows Yuri around, so he probably doesn't count as an affiliated character.
  • Lero-Ro has been assigned a job by Hachuling to follow a certain Regular. After completing the job, he will become an Intern.
  • Quant Blitz: Although he simply follows Lero-Ro around, he has also been promised internship upon completing the job along with Lero-Ro.

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • (Korean pronunciation) Wol-ha-ik-song


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