White Style: Spirit Sword
Hangul 화이트류: 원령검
Hanja 화이트流: 怨靈劍
Romaja Hwaiteu-lyu: Wonlyeong-geom
Battle Data
Shinsoo Control Unknown
Usage Offensive
Parent Technique Arie Swordsmanship
Derived Techniques Flame of the Dead
Phantom Sword of the Dead
Rise of the Dead
Wake of the Dead
Known Users White

White Style: Spirit Sword is a style of swordsmanship used by White.[1] It is based on the Arie Swordsmanship which White / Hoaqin and the other siblings learnt during their childhood. The full classification of the style represents White's position within FUG: 2nd generation FUG Slayer who sat on the 10th Throne of Power.[2]


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