Korean Name 알벨다
Status Absorbed in Clone
Family Arie Family[1]
Affiliations Regulars
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 182
Last Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 187

Albelda[2] (알벨다)  is one of five parts of the former FUG Slayer White[3] that was sealed in the Hell Express long ago. They are also one of Hoaqin's siblings. Albelda is currently one of the many souls that make up the nameless conglomerate entity calling itself Hoaqin's clone.[4][5]


Albelda was part of a family that were gifted in swordsmanship. After four of their other siblings came to the conclusion that they couldn't surpass their father no matter how hard they trained, one of them suggested merging their powers to become as strong and beautiful as their father and thus they ended up becoming one composite entity[6] called "White".

After "the incident", White had to split their souls again in the Hell Train but to do so they needed a lot of "sacrifices", but they failed and were sealed in an unstable condition.[6]

Appearance and Personality


Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Dallar Show

The Clone reveals that she is made up of Albelda and the billions of souls that White killed in order to become more powerful.

Powers and Abilities

As one of the five siblings that make up White, Albelda can be assumed to be a decent level of power similar to their brothers Hoaqin and Vicente.

Notes And Trivia

  • It is yet unknown how Albelda came to be one of the many souls that makes up Hoaqin's final clone.
  • They may have been named after the Spanish soccer player David Albelda.