Waves of Peacock Wings

Waves of Peacock Wings1

Waves of Peacock Wings2

Hangul 공작날개
Hanja 孔雀날개
Romaja Gongjagnalgae
English Lit. Peacock Wing
Battle Data
Shinsoo Control Unknown
Classification Projectile Technique
Usage Offensive
Parent Technique Yu Han Sung Style Shinsoo Manipulation Technique
Derived Techniques None
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 192
Known Users Twenty-Fifth Baam

Waves of Peacock Wings[1] is a visually stunning technique that utilises multiple baangs to swirl around before striking the enemy from all angles. Because of the flowing nature of this technique, it can seamlessly lead into the use of Maelstrom technique.


  1. Vol.2 Ch.192: 38F - Hell Train: The Dallar Show (21)