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The request is of sleeping Ran, and it was submitted anonymously ^
Ahh... because of some overlap with other events, I don't think I will be able to accept requests for next week.
I apologise.ㅜ However, I will try to upload a simple drawing or status update.

This chapter is.. what should I say.
If everything up to last week's chapter was meant as a guide for this [new] episode,
I thought I'll try starting [that episode] from this chapter on?
But it still felt the same ㅎㅎ I'll start it next chapter instead (mm?)

To be honest, I made a few cuts at the end that deviates from the previews. I changed things up a bit,
so there was more of a feeling that this was the start of the events leading up to the main event.
I had been contemplating whether I should have made these cuts in the preview as well..
but I had been worried about whether I was focusing on the current story enough.

Batis' story was one that I had been thinking about from a long time ago,
so I thought that it might been a good time to get into it.
Same as when Hockney was introduced...
I have recently been trying to continue the story with characters/elements that have no relation to 'combat'.
There was a point where I felt that whatever I drew was connected to
"new skills/techniques" or "has become stronger"...
and I don't think that is what I was aiming for.

Regardless, I think that to make the story one that is enjoyable...
I need to concentrate. I think it's an important skill to have,
to be able to make any story enjoyable.

This week's backgrounds were made to feel completely different when inside and when outside,
and I wonder if you felt that way.

To be honest, I try to keep at least a week's backlog of chapters..
but since (Korean version, check T/N) Thanksgiving day is coming up, I have various worries. Haha.
For a few years I haven't gone home for thanksgiving..
I have been doing this work for a few years,
and I have been trying to make free time but it never seems to appear.
That's not going well. I think, it will be good if I slowly became a more experienced writer.
On that note, I think it would be good if there was a chance to take a long break and create a longer backlog ;

Anyways, thank you all for reading this week as well ^ Well...
there are lots of difficulties,
and unexpected events keep appearing everywhere,
but it's hard to care about those insignificant things when I'm this busy.
Perhaps, this moment when I write the chapter afterword,
is when I can talk about insignificant stuff.

With that, I hope you guys have a good week,
and I'll see you guys next week~!

Translator Note: Hi, I am Suu, and I'm filling in for Adio this week.
[Thanks to zumisumi for helping with the translation.]

(Further note: some editing been done to fix the formatting >_<)
T/N: In referring to thanksgiving, I am talking about 추석 {chuseok},
which is a Korean holiday from oct 4-6 {for this year anyways}.
I recommend that you check out the wikipedia article if you are interested about Korean culture
{} ^ {I love the food eheheheheh}.
I also apologize for the somewhat scrappier translation for this week QQ -Suu.

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