43F - Hell Train:
The Floor of Death (22)
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Season 2
Chapter 253
Korean Title 43F
—죽음의 충—
Release Date June 4, 2017
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Season 2, Chapter 252
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43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (22): TBA



Blog Post


Today, here's a little taste of the Book 1 Cover...
I've been working at it.
Thanks to that work I'm going full steam all week haha.
It's already June and season 2 is already at chapter 253.
When I get better I may try to get some gossip on the most requested character.
I always wanna do so much but I can't do them well ^^;

This chapter...
Poor Red Bari...
Urek's indeed strong.

Like I said last time,
Urek's hard to show off full power,
so I have to balance his power.
"I wanna show so much, but I can only draw so much"
I think that pretty often ^^;
But I'm trying my best to draw it out well.
This chapter was pretty big-scaled,
so I had a bit of trouble.

So the Red Bari...
Hmm... Administrators...
they indeed do have nearly godly powers in their floors but when their power is shattered and unable to completely control the Shinsoo in their domain,
that power can become quite meaningless...
Yeah... Red Bari had emotions which made it made it feel even more incomplete.
A full Administrator in their floor is basically a god.
It is rare that an administrator holds private grudges or expresses anger,
with the exception of Headon.
Being incomplete due to emotions... fits Hell Joe, doesn't it?
Maybe, I'm not so sure.

Well, the Red Bari will have secrets revealed next chapter...
yeah... ^^
Next chapter will wrap a lot of the arc up.
Probably going to focus on D'sa next.
Will Rachel come to her senses after a nice session of acupuncture?
What is Karaka and Hoaqin up to?
Is Wangnan... napping?
Find out next time in the Tower of God!
There's still a lot of important events yet to happen hehe.

These days, I worry a lot.
I feel like I'm happy and living well but I feel sorry about my work.
I'm not a talented artist, or a artist with gumption. So I wonder if I'm hurting my own work.
Am I really doing a good job?
I work hard, but am I approachable?
The most important thing is the desire to make a fun work,
but now that Tower of God is getting older,
I'm having thoughts like "I want to let my kid succeed."
I want good things to happen to my work...
that kinda feeling?
I didn't know how to explain that feeling, but now I can.

Well, I shall work harder.
My job above all else is to show you guys a good work.
Above all else I think my work is still not something I'm satisfied with myself with.
I feel sorry to you guys often.

Well, have a good week,
have a happy week,
don't just die on me because of the weather hehe.
Have fun outside!
Stay healthy,
see you next week! Thank you.


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