43F - Hell Train:
The Floor of Death (20)
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Season 2
Chapter 251
Korean Title 43F
—죽음의 충—
Release Date May 21, 2017
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43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (20): TBA



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This is the afterwords for season 2 episode 251.

Here's a simple doodle to start the day.
When I was in college I wasn't the type to think of such comic imaginations...
but perhaps because I'm a comic artist or because my life is so meh,
I imagine or hope "What if a day was 48 hours?" or "What If I had two bodies?"
Now that I think of it they all relate back to time or deadlines...
What has my life become...

Regardless, I do imagine often having two bodies.
Perhaps that would let me have a barrier between normal self and author self.
Like most whitecollar workers I hope that I have a separate work life and personal life.
Just work in moderation, and the other times I can develop myself, go drinking weekends, get some sleep, would be so nice.
But I'm realizing authors don't get to do that ^^;;
It's become impossible for me to imagine myself not drawing Tower of God...
That's what I think about.

On to the chapter...
Urek's ankle bracelet has been undone.
That looks suspect, but regardless.

One of the aspects I worried most about was on the Floor of Death was How powerful to set Urek/High Rankers.
I had that problem because:

  1. The Floor of Death is a very dangerous place for even Rankers
  2. But due to the story structure, I can't have High Rankers look weak yet.

Those two were conflicting.
As an author I have to stick to my settings and show a lot,
but I have to also consider the narrative and the longevity of the work.
So that's how Joe came to be.
Joe is currently very powerful but he has a weak side on the level of Regulars,
so he felt like a good fit as the enemy.
And Urek became the enemy,
not because balance or the flow of the battle
but more like how Joe-Urek's story is solved.
I wanted that to be more of a focus, I had thought

Well... hehe...
You'll see plenty of Urek and Joe going boom boom next episode ^^;;
Narrative is hard.

On Hell Joe,
Hell Joe is indeed from Hell Joseon hehe.
Actually, before starting on Floor of Death I asked mysef:
"The Floor of Death is supposed to be a really hellish and dangerous place.
What kind of place would it be like?
A place that looks like there's deadly dangerous everywhere, a lawless place?"
I thought of it but that's too common of a concept,
I haven't lived in such a place,
and I can only get so far without either moving up the webtoon's age ratings or make it tacky.
If I went that too-obvious route, would it be fun...
those were my thoughts.
So I looked around myself to find what would accurately depict the Floor of Death, and...
eventually that led to Hell Joe.

Sounds a bit obvious,
but this is perhaps a different story to the Floor of Death than what you guys were thinking....
Those where my thoughts.
Hell Joe's story will continue next week ^^;
The fight with Urek was a hard draw, but I hope you enjoy.

Well stay happy,
have a good week.
I hope to return next like a zombie from the dead.
Thank you!

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