30F - Epilogue (1)
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Season 2
Chapter 108
Korean Title 30F

공방전 —에필로그— (1)

Release Date April 20, 2014
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Season 2, Chapter 107
Season 2, Chapter 109
30F - Epilogue (1): Back where we left last chapter, Baam opens his eyes to discover he "is back" (and that the Gator is sleeping on his lap). Wangnan is at the summoning station calling on Viole, when a figure that he doesn't recognize, but that we know as Reflejo, tells him he has no right to have friends because he is... Wangnan wakes up screaming "No!", which scares Yihwa who was watching over him. She explains that they won the Workshop Battle and that everybody is in safety at a resort run by Wolhaiksong. As he relaxes in his bed in relief, she leaves, seeming to notice Wangnan's ring, and tells him to come out and meet with everybody.

He is then greeted by the trio Leesoo, Akraptor and Prince. Leesoo congratulates Wangnan for winning the Workshop Battle, adding that he hopes that "Tangsooyook's Leader" is going to take good care of Baam. As Wangnan seems shocked by this statement, Leesoo keeps on explaining that as his team already is ranked among the D-rank and they're not allowed to climb with Baam. He then says that Tangsooyook should chase after them so they can have a match someday. Watching in the back of the room, Chang comments on the miraculous endurance and recovery of Wangnan, observations confirmed and praised by a thrilled Quaetro. Chang thinks to himself he should follow Tangooyook's leader, as well as this Viole guy, remarking that as Yihwa is suspiciously watching Wangnan, he's not the only one to have noticed.

In another room of the resort, the Rankers Hachuling, Lero-Ro and Quant are discussing FUG's reaction to the past events. Hachuling shares his theory, that the religious group might have had internal conflicts, and that since the secrecy around the Battle as well as around the new Slayer candidate has been kept, it might be the result of someone's higher up plan. Lero-Ro expresses some concerns about Baam's privacy, Hachuling reassures him about this point, even though he has some concerns of his own... they then ask Majex about the Vice-captain, the former saying that the latter is nowhere to be found, probably getting drunk and chasing after women. We are then introduced to Toulalan, and to a special event in the D-rank levels. A dangerous journey on a train that takes a Regular up 6 Floors at once to the one "hidden Floor" where a rumoured very beautiful person awaits. Hachuling who has been there advises Toulalan to try it, even though there will be a monster on the next train competition. As he says so, we see a close up on Baam and on his Pocket is a message from Androssi threatening him if he doesn't meet her at the gate at 2 o'clock.

Finally, we're transported to the 97th Floor, Karaka's personal hideout, where a pissed Jinsung is asked by the two humongous gate-keepers who he is. "Kids these days..."



Blog Post

I am praying for a miracle.
As I posted a manhwa during a time when the entire nation is praying,
I felt that I had to be careful.

Although brief, I once walked the path of an educator,
and I can't ignore it, because many young students are reading my manhwa,
and that's really painful to bear.

This chapter included, the epilogue chapters will literally be wrapping up the story.
These include the proposal of the direction of the upcoming stories,
and team compositions.
Of course, new enemies will appear one by one,
but I feel that from now on, new characters will not appear all at once,
unlike the Workshop Battle.
Additions are additions, but several characters will tend to be left behind.
From now on, other members of the 10 Families or Princesses of Zahard,
who have not been expanded on extensively,
will make appearances.
Now that we're getting to higher Floors and all ^^;

Next chapter will be about Ha Jinsung and Karaka,
and a date (?) may be possible, haha.
I think the plot will head in that direction.
A rather important story is waiting,
so I hope you enjoy it.

Please stay healthy this week,
and see you next week~~


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