Korean Name 베스파
Status Active
Position Scout
Affiliations Regulars
Ship's Team
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 53
Last Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 111

Vespa (베스파, Beseupa) is a humanoid being with a bee-like theme on Leesoo's team. She is a front-liner combatant with considerable skill. She is able to transform into an adult form. She is a Regular climbing the Tower alongside several members of Ship's Team. She is currently on the 39th Floor trying to obtain the name of the Kaiser at the Name Hunt Station.

Appearance & Personality

She is squat and short, only coming up to Leesoo's waist. She has luminous blue-grey hair, with matching fur coat. She also has yellow wings on her back and club-like weapons in the form of honey coloured clubs. She has also been seen carrying a jar containing the antidote to the poison of her needles.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince


After the destruction of the Hand of Arlen she is seen with her team watching the news of the alleged death of Koon.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

One Shot, One Opportunity

Vespa fighting Yuto

Vespa fighting Yuto

She and Leesoo went through the sewers to the 1st floor and they were notified of Hatsu and Cassano's confrontation. They came up and were confronted by Yuto. Vespa engaged her and they fought evenly for some minutes while Leesoo collaborated Laure's shinsoo blast and a drill that attacked from below ground. The four of them combined attacks and pushed Yuto into a corner. Vespa was about to finish her off when Viole appeared and carried Yuto to safety.

She and Amigochaz fought together to try to defeat Viole. They initially had the upper hand due to Reina sucking away Viole's shinsoo, enabling Amigochaz to throw Viole into Vespa. She meant to stab Viole, but her poison-coated needle was intercepted by Yuto, who threw herself in harm's way. She watched in amazement as Viole used his Thorn to defeat Amigochaz in one blow. She dashed and attempted to catch Viole unaware, but Viole was able to grab her needle and throw her into the ground. Leesoo told her to retreat and she gave him her honey to heal Yuto before the whole team left for Archimedes.

Battle x Gamble

She was chosen for the 14th Round of the Plug event and passed to next round along with Verdi.


She was chosen as the vanguard for Leesoo's team and was assigned to group B.


In the Development Tournament Vespa eliminated her competitors alone, allowing Leesoo's team to qualify for the semifinals. During the event, she met Hatsu who was dressed like a Workshop guard and was wounded. After appearing in Team Tangsooyook's room with Laure, Wangnan, Yihwa, Akraptor and Rak mistook her for a giant insect.

In the semifinals, she and Leesoo await in the field until an enemy appears. Vespa stopped Beta when he was heading towards Wangnan and Quatro. When Vespa tried to measure her speed against Beta, she was easily defeated. When Beta was about to finish her, Rak defended her.


She briefly fought Beta alongside Rak and Yihwa before he flew off in pursuit of Wangnan. Vespa then went along with Akraptor and Quaetro to find Team Snake, but when they got to the place they should've been they encountered no-one.


She and Leesoo went off in search of Novick after he was held hostage by Reflejo. They struggled to find him until Xia Xia decided to lend her aid. When all the hostages were found, some of them were put on Vespa's back and she flew them out of the cavern where they met up with Androssi and Viole's group. They were then challenged by a Ranker associated with FUG but, due to some unforeseen events elsewhere, the Ranker left quietly and they all escaped aboard the Wolhaiksong suspendiship.


She was seen with the rest of her team as they left to climb the Tower.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


She was seen briefly alongside the rest of her team.

The 'Name Hunt' Station

Vespa, along with other members of her team followed Androssi Zahard to the 39th Floor, in order to retrieve the name of the Kaiser at the Name Hunt Station. Accompanied by other teammates, Vespa witnessed Androssi' escape from Kaiser's residence after Androssi lost her name to Kaiser in a duel.

Powers and Abilities

Fast vespa

Vespa suddenly appearing behind Yuto

She is a skilled fighter, being able to fight evenly against Yuto.

Flight: Vespa has been shown to be able to fly using the gold wings on her back. She can also move at extreme speeds with her wings. She claims that there is no Regular that is faster than her, but whether this is true is debatable.[1]

Shinsoo Beams: She is able to fire gold shinsoo beams from the needles floating around her.[2]

Transformation: She stated that she is able to transform into an adult stage. What benefits her adult form provides her with is unknown for now.[3]


Needles: Vespa uses needles that have a special design on them that make them look like a wasp's abdomen with a large stinger. She has a few smaller ones floating around her that she can shoot shinsoo beams from. She also holds a normal sized needle which she uses to physically attack with.

Poison: Vespa has a special poison that her needles are coated in. The only antidote to the poison is the honey she carries around. The antidote must be applied within 5 minutes, otherwise, the victim will die.[4]

Notes & Trivia

  • Vespa is Italian for "wasp" but her nickname is "Bee".
  • Even though she is assumed to be female, her gender is unconfirmed.


  • (When fighting Yuto) "Rude human. You dare look away?"[2]
  • (After stabbing Yuto) "Poison is smeared over my needle. If he doesn't apply this honey within 5 minutes, the poison will spread throughout his body and he will die."[4]


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