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    Hmm... What can I say about this... Well, I'm aware that most of this will be obvious and available anywhere else, including on the wikia itself.

    This is more... for myself. I'm putting them here because I would like to have them available to refer to, in my own personal and unofficial format, you know?

    Of course, whether you read these or not is your choice. :P

    Also, although I'll be trying to go in order, I'll also be bouncing back and forth to keep myself updated.

    Once again, this is more of a personal project/experiment. I'll see how it goes, and I'll see if I can incorporate it into my work.

    1. Chapter, Arc, Title, etc.
    2. Rating
    3. Date
    4. Short Summary
    5. Long Summary
    6. Characters
    7. Techniques
    8. Items
    10. Notes

    신의 탑 SIU

    자신의 모든 것이였던 소녀를 쫓아 탑에 들어온 소년 그리고 그런 소년을 시험하는

    Rating: 9.9


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    I became a Regular-rank member on the Fan Cafe! (Not much of an achievement, since it only requires 3 comments.) Now I can see these damn things, since SIU has decided to post them there rather than his own secret blog due to his predicament involving reaching maximum number of neighbours but at the same time not wanting to spoil it for everyone.

    As SIU uploads info on his Slayers on the Official Fan Cafe, I'll be translating them here.

    It's about time I did things first here, right?

    Sitting on the Seventh Seat of Power is Baylord Yama (베이로드 야마, Bae’ee’rohdeu Yahmah), also known as the King of Bayroad.

    (GoDai: SIU seems to be utilizing the fact that “lord” and “road” are both read as “로드” in Korean pronunciation.)

    Bayroad (베이로드, Bae’ee’rohdeu) is the …

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    So much for my return.

    November 18, 2012 by GoDai

    Oh well, looks like business never ends. My return shall come... one day!

    I would be more active here if you guys requested more things... :D

    Translating for The Company is the most time I get to spend on ToG these days... sigh.

    1. GoDai's Translations: Everything about Shinsoo. - Shinsooology.
    2. GoDai's Translations: Stat Cards - An in-depth analysis of character Statcards.
    3. GoDai's Translations: People and Groups in the Tower (1) - Rankers, Rulers, and Guardians, as well as Wolhaiksong, FUG, and the Workshop.
    4. GoDai's Translations: People and Groups (2) - Zahard and the 10 Families - Zahard, his Princesses, his government, his world.
    5. GoDai's Translations: T.U.S., Exis, and Phantaminum (Pentaminum) - Digging into the mystery of Phantaminum the Exis a…

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    GoDai's... Return?

    August 11, 2012 by GoDai

    Hi guys so I'm kinda... back.

    I was never really gone, but with two 6-week courses in History and Chemistry, I've been unable to be very active on the wikia.

    The only thing I managed was to provide translations for The Company every Sunday. (So proud to have "TL: GoDai" at the top of every chapter :D)

    So I'll be trying hard to be more active here, but if I'm not very active, it's just me getting busy again or being super lazy.

    By the way, someone over at the official Korean SIU Tower of God cafe is taking screenshots of our pages with Character Statcards in English and posting them so that Korean users can see (They can't see the Korean ones because SIU hid them).


    Some argue that English users couldn't r…

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    Haha I can't stand having nothing interesting to do.

    These are actually mostly things I couldn't really decide on where to put, as most of these are things that have not been released to the public, and these are more changeable by SIU. I may move them to respective categorized pages.

    Feel free to request anything else!

    Also, I'll be experimenting, trying to include the actual Korean text in a hide-able box. Hopefully it works.

    (GoDai: I looked everywhere for what 아이샌드 was supposed to be... Apparently it's something like "Eye Sand" in fashion, and supposed to be short for "Ice-Cream Sandwich" in Smartphone deals. I am confused, so I... will stay with Aisand for now.)

    • Sobriquet: Cold Wave
    • Age: ???
    • Height: 1m 95cm (195cm)
    • Birthplace: ???
    • Position: ??…

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