Tu Perie Tperie
Korean Name 투 페리 트페리
Sobriquet God's Eye
Position Light Bearer
Family Tu Perie Family
Affiliations 10 Great Warriors
High Rankers
Ranking 11
Height 173cm[1]

Tu Perie Tperie (투 페리 트페리, Too Pehri Teupehri, "Tu Perie Tperie") is the head of the Tu Perie Family.


She is the first Light Bearer in The Tower's history, but how she came to be in that position is unknown. Whenever she reminisces about the time she became a Light Bearer, she is known to say, “The Heavens gave me the Eyes of God”.[1] However, it could be that people choose to believe a “romanticised story” rather than the "exact truth".

After the Great Journey (Zahard and the 10 Family Heads conquering the Tower), she became one of the most active Family Heads and is known to have created many items along with the Blacksmiths.[1] She was also crucial in the pioneering of the system in which Light Bearers act as the intermediary for all communications within a team.[1]

The most famous of her creations is the three "Opera" Lighthouses, among the greatest Lighthouses of The Tower.[1] She herself does not use the one she still possesses however, preferring to use the Eyes of God instead.

Notes and Trivia

  • Considering the fact her feats indicate that she is very knowledgeable, perceptive, resourceful and innovative, she may have served as one of the strategists when Zahard and the 10 Great Warriors climbed the Tower.
  • Tu Perie Tperie is actually female.[2] Grumpy (of The Company translations) has also confirmed her gender (via PM).


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