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Tower of God is a Korean webcomic by SIU (Slave.In.Utero) published on Naver. This wiki is dedicated to documenting all of the information on ToG. Please help by adding more information after checking the the ToG Contents Page where it links to many important pages, which in turn connect to almost every page on the Wiki. Thank you very much!



Baam, Koon, Androssi and the rest.


Manhwa of the series.
Evankhell's hell


The challenges that await...

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Vol.2 Chapter 165: The Hell Train conductor introduces himself to the Regulars, informs them that there could only be one Slayer candidate and then tells them a game deciding who would take the position would begin in a month's time. Elsewhere, Wangnan and Yihwa deal with the other part of Hoaqin.

List of Chapters

Chapter 111: Miseng heads ever deeper into Zygaena to find the Flower... and Arkraptor discovers the truth about Viole's true motives. Meanwhile, Horyang and
Nother awesome Viole

Just TRY to get in my way, B***CH.

Prince try to negotiate with an immense power, and gain permission to escape. But Viole refuses to give up...

List of Chapters

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Greetings dear Irregulars! The newest featured article is Kang Horyang! The Devil has proved his mettle in the Tower, but remains rather reclusive... what secret does his right arm contain? Read more here!

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TUS stands for Talse Uzer Story. The universe of Talse Uzer is governed by a set of laws and history can never be changed. As such, there is a very finite aspect to Talse Uzer Stories as mentioned by SIU. The series of Talse Uzer contains Tower of God among the author's other works.

Main article: Talse Uzer Story

The Tower of God manhwa can be read here:


SIU is the author of Tower of God, and many other Talse Uzer Stories. His name stands for Slave.In.Utero. He lives to love seafood, and many Tower of God names and themes are inspired by aquatic life.

As the author of other Talse Uzer Stories, he formerly drew his manhwa in black and white rather than colour.

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  1. Jyu Viole Grace/Twenty-Fifth Baam
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