Before you start going around posting everything you know about Tower of God on this wiki, you ought to know the following:

Tenses: The "Plot Summary" section of Character pages should be written in the past tense (this includes events that happened very recently e.g. in the last chapter). Everything else on those pages should be in present tense, unless referring to a previous event. Other pages should be written in the present tense.

Sections: The sections of a Character page should be as follows (in the same order):

  1. Appearance and Personality
  2. History
  3. Plot Summary
  4. Powers and Abilities
  5. Relationships
  7. Notes and Trivia
  8. References
  9. Navigation

Note that Character pages do not have to have all these categories. Minor characters, for instance, do not need them. Adding another section is allowed in special cases, but in general please stick to those sections for Characters.

Character Classing: Please do not spam every single Regular you hear about in the "Regulars" section. As special section: Regulars (minor characters) has been created for characters that play only small roles. Note that it is arranged alphabetically, and please class any new entries to the section like so.