Hello dear Regular! This page lists the past and present Featured Users.

Our newest Featured User is Juan Ma! He's a tireless user who's been editing on the wiki for years! You've probably seen him about helping in keeping the articles ticking over and updating and maintaining SIU's chapter blogs. Say hello when you get the chance! Clapemoticon.gif Clapemoticon.gif

"Featured Users" are chosen by an admin when they have reason to. If you think that someone should be recognised for their work on the Tower of God Wiki, nominate them! To nominate a user:

  • Go to talk page
  • Create sub-heading with name
  • Add details why you are nominating this user
  • ALWAYS sign your posts

Past Featured Users

  1. GoodYearBlimp - Commendable dedication, service, and service of supplying images.
  2. Sigfodr - Commendable communication, dedication, and efficient amount of work.
  3. GoDai - Commendable consistency, dedication, service of providing authentic translations and professional negotiations, and work with The Company.
  4. Tofu21Commendable work consistency, fantastic communication and dedication, commendable translation work, fantastic outer-wiki communication, and Honourable Mentions in permanent leave.
  5. Reistenger - Excellent organization, consistency of work and general improvement of the wiki.

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