Korean Name 토미
Affiliations Ranking Administration Office

Tommy (토미, "Tommi") is the director of the Ranking Administration Office.

He was chosen by Zahard to create the Administrative Office of Ranks. He hired Robert Aisand as his assistant director and as his first employee of the Administration Office, Tommy calls him by the nickname "Aisan".[1]

Tommy is a person who is always out playing instead of being in the office, whose actions seem to say "Screw charisma, making decisions and handling issues".[1] Because of the great wickedness of Tommy, he included Robert Aisand in the rankings despite not being a Ranker. One day, Tommy texted Aisand asking what ranking he would give himself and Aisand responded with "?", which Tommy literally added to the rankings.[1]

Tommy is not included in the rankings (as he has not climbed the Tower).[1]


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