The Soul-Stirring Ladle (영혼을 젓는 국자, 靈魂을 젓는 국자 Yeonghon-eul Jeosneun Gugja) is an item owned by Grand De Sah.


The ladle is an item with a mysterious power to scoop up souls. During the creation of the Spirit Room, the ladle played an important role in binding together souls which have not united with one another in the Room of Souls; it is also required to extract them back.[1]


According to Ai, it is currently in the possession of Grand De Sah. The latter had Hell Joe believed it had been broken into two pieces to prevent him from taking it; Hwa Ryun mentioned that this item is not that easily damaged.[1] During the events of the Floor of Death Hwa Ryun manages to obtain the ladle in exchange for De Sah release from Hell Joe's castle. Hwa Ryun states that Madoraco has been hankering after the ladle "for ages".[1]


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