Single Annihilation


Spectral dance

Hangul 귀어윤무: 일섬
Hanja 鬼魚輪儛: 一殲
Romaja Ilseom
Battle Data
Shinsoo Control Unknown
Classification Weapon Technique
Usage Offensive
Parent Technique Demonic Fish Wheel Dance
Derived Techniques None
First Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 44
Known Users Hatsu

Single Annihilation is a sword technique that uses shinsoo to enhance the strike. The user delivers a vertical slash to the target, creating a gust of shinsoo that aids in cutting the target.

When utilised by Hatsu, it was powerful enough to cut through the skin of a living Ignition Weapon.[1]

Alternate Translations

  • Dance of Ghost Fish: Single Shot (LINE)
  • First Strike


  1. Vol.2 Ch.61: 30F - One Shot, One Opportunity (4)


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