Second Floor Guardian

Giant Eel Thing

Korean Name 이 층의 관리자
Status Active
Location 2F
Affiliations Guardians
First Appearance Vol.1, Chapter 29
Last Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 58
But remember ye who climbs The Tower, this is not your power but your shackle. Always remember.

—The Second Floor Guardian to Baam[1]

The Second Floor Guardian (이 층의 관리자) is the unnamed Guardian of the Second Floor. It resembles a gigantic grey eel, spiralling down into a smaller size. It first appears in the story when it makes a contract with Baam allowing him to use Shinsoo.

Tower of God: Part 1

Position Test

The Guardian asked Baam what he was looking into so deeply. It then asked Baam if he wanted to make a contract or fight. When Baam replied that he wanted to make a contract the Guardian looked at him to see if he was worthy to use Shinsoo. It then said that he looked tasty, smirked at him, and formed a contract. After it was done making a contract the Guardian left with the cryptic comment:

"But remember ye who climbs The Tower, this is not your power but your shackle. Always remember."[2]

Last Examination

Later, Baam returned, asking the Guardian to prepare a test specifically for an Irregular. In exchange, the Guardian granted Baam's wish of letting the rest of the Regulars pass even if he himself failed the exam.


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