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"Author is a genius. Author is a genius. AUTHOR IS A GENIUS."
- Crazed author quoting the truth
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SIU stands for Slave. In. Utero; it is the pen name of the author of Tower of God (ToG). He is a male.

He regularly blogs biographies about random characters who feature in ToG or have yet to. It's all part of his extensive worldbuilding scenario: Tower of God is merely a part of his grand Talse Uzer Story.

He also enjoys trolling readers by introducing gender ambiguous characters. Lately, he has even ironically trolled his own characters (Wangnan discovering that Nya Nia is a guy and Yihwa mistaking Viole for a girl) and even created a character like Kim Lurker.

He apparently likes football and names his characters after football players. He also nicknames his characters after fish. Who would've thought of that? And what's up with Ja Wangnan's name? Read backwards, it actually reads (Nan-"I am") (Wangja-"prince"). And SIU's response? "That's some genius wordplay, AMIRITE"

SIU has stated that while he enjoys video games, he doesn't currently play any. He doesn't seem to like being considered old.

Fortunately, he has already finished his 2 year army term. (Tower of God was born from scratches he drew in army, in fact.) But he has to go back now and then for a short army practice since he will be reserve army for some time.

He has an assistant called Sweet Pea who sometimes helps him with the colouring of certain chapters.

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