Raden 1

211 - 1

Hangul 뢰단
Hanja 雷丹
Romaja Rwedan, Rwehdahn
English Lightning Pill[1]
Battle Data
Shinsoo Control Jeonsul
Classification Body Technique, Utility Technique
Usage Support
Parent Technique None
Derived Techniques None
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 74
Known Users Koon Ran
Koon Maschenny Zahard

Redan[2], also known as the Lightning Pill is a compressed baang of Shinsoo, the current of which, after swallowing it, reacts with the current in the user's own body, generating explosive power.[2] The technique can only be used by a few selected members of the Koon Family.


This is a technique that increases the power of its users; in Ran's case it's a baang with electrical properties that makes electric currents flow through his body, thus increasing his strength and speed.

This technique is extremely hard to control; even Ran can only control it for 5 minutes.[2] Additionally, the data of young Koon Eduan himself described the technique as simple and effective but dangerous at the same time which does not make it a good skill to use.[3]

The Redan causes marks called "Soo Heun"[2] (수흔, Soo'heun or Trace[1]) to appear on the user's body (in Ran's case, on his cheek), which differ depending on the amount and type of Shinsoo.[2]


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