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Rak 2

Korean Name 라크 레크레이셔
Status Active
Location Hidden Floor
Position Spear Bearer
Affiliations Regulars
Team Tangsooyook
First Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 4
Last Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 257


Twenty-Fifth Baam: Rak initially met Baam as "his prey", swearing to hunt him because of the power he sensed from the Black March. Afterwards, he became more friendly, but still keeps up the friendly pretence that he intends to hunt him. Later in Part II, the level of care and affection Rak has come to develop for Baam is apparent when they finally reunite and Rak confirms that Viole's secret identity is Baam. Rak sheds tears and embraces him, expressing his joy at Baam being truly alive and that he will never let him go nor forgive those who put Baam through such hardships. When Baam asked Rak to leave before his team saw them, Rak was determined to stay until Androssi finally pulled him away.

Koon Aguero Agnis: Rak views Koon and Baam as his underlings; but he's also one of the few people to genuinely understand Koon, telling him that his heart is "pitch black" and that he's only good for scamming people. Despite this, he trusts Koon's planning ability completely. Rak's thoughts on Koon are much different and more genuine later in Part II. It is clear that Koon and Rak are of the closest of friends and this sentiment is shown as Rak states that he was happy at the thought of Baam being alive and getting to meet Koon once again. Rak wanted him and his two turtles to climb the Tower together again like old times.

Akryung: Rak had a somewhat one-sided rivalry with Akryang on the Floor of Test, which drove him to succeed at the spear-thrower test and bypass the Hide-and-Seek game. He made some effort to befriend the hulking giant, but Akryung seems to have completely ignored him.

Parakewl: He was climbing the Tower with Parakewl up to the 30th Floor. Rak considered him useless most of the time, especially after he interfered in the battle between Anak and Ran. He somewhat manages to redeem himself by distracting Baam.

Yihwa: Rak first met Yihwa at the Workshop battle on the 30th floor. He was mistaken for a dinosaur and was accidentally burnt by her while she was trying to calm him down. He calls her a ‘cat-like turtle’. He also skipped the party with Yihwa to find Viole. In the battle against Paul and Macha from Team Snake, Rak teamed up with her to cover for Wangnan . During the fight he mentions that her flames are hotter than lava. When she was hurt by the attack, he was concerned about her, asking if she was okay. Later on, when they bumped into Beta a second time, Rak told him that Yihwa was Viole’s wife. During the Hell train arc, Rak encountered her again while he was fighting against other regulars. When he entered the Name Hunt station, they both fought together against one of the 10 Bosses, Arie Inieta , but were taken hostage and ended up being rescued by Hwa Ryun’s group. Later on, when they tried leaving the station, he along with Yihwa, who was also injured, were separated from the others due to Karaka’s attacks. When they first met, Rak viewed Yihwa as an annoying person because she kept insisting he was a dinosaur and she followed him everywhere. Rak usually considers himself to be the leader and he wants to take care of everything alone, but he allows Yihwa to fight alongside him. This shows he acknowledged her power and potential, and views her as a strong and useful teammate and that he trusts her abilities. Rak also calls her "Angolan Demon Lord/King", or simply "Angolan".