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Rak 2

Korean Name 라크 레크레이셔
Status Active
Location Hidden Floor
Position Spear Bearer
Affiliations Regulars
Team Tangsooyook
First Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 4
Last Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 257


Nothing is known about Rak's history so far. Due to his personality and training he is probably from a warrior family. It has been implied that he climbs the Tower to seek "Something that surpasses all others".

Tower of God: Part 1

Evankhell's Hell

Rak first appeared in the story during the test on the second floor along with the other Regulars. He quickly adapted to the battle and shoved a sniper off a cliff in order to get a good view of the battlefield. He looked around at the other regulars and tried to decide which one to "hunt". Then he noticed Baam carrying the Black March and decided that he wanted to fight with the weapon. He attacked Baam. When Baam protested that he didn't want to fight, Rak said that he had to so that Rak could obtain the strength of the needle. Koon arrived, and he and Baam hid from Rak while he yelled at them about them being "stupid turtles". When it was announced that everyone had to form a team of three, Rak resisted all efforts made by Koon trying to team up with him.

Tog rak pawr!!!

Rak challenges Baam

Baam then walked up to him and asked him what "hunting" was, to which Rak replied that it was fighting strong opponents to increase one's own strength. Baam then dropped the Black March, and told Rak to hunt him. Rak was confused and frustrated at this, telling Baam to pick up the weapon and fight him. However, he would not come to any rational decision, so Baam and Koon simply jumped on him just as the time ran out, forcing Rak to team up with them.

Lero-Ro's Test

He got through the barrier test with no problem (although he was very grumpy about being teamed up with "turtles").

Yu Han Sung's Examination

When his team took the Yu Han Sung's Door Test, he got tired of waiting and kicked a random door open, causing them to pass the test. Rak was very pleased with himself about this and "accepted the turtles as [his] underlings". He also said that Koon and Baam now had to call him "Rakleader."


Leader of the turtles

Crown Game

During the Crown Game he fought alongside Koon against the other teams. He used his immense physical strength and destroyed just about anyone who got in his way.

After the Crown Game, both he and Koon visited Baam in Baam's room. He thought Baam was dead and stated that he would make a bowl out of his shell, but then realized Baam was alive and started crying (he denied this afterwards). He was selected as a Spear Bearer, and was surprised that he didn't get picked as a Fisherman. In the training, he was told to hit a target with his spear. Rak strode confidently forward, but embarrassingly missed the target. Then Akryung managed to hit it. Rak got very angry about this and went on a bit of a rampage, and refused to talk to his allies.


Rak with Baam

He eventually managed to hit the target within 4 days and passed the test early before the Joint Test (Hide-and-Seek Test).

Sumerged Fish Hunt

He played a key role in the Submerged Fish Test, single-handedly taking on a horde of Barnacle Goblins so that Baam would safely pass. However, when Baam apparently "died", Rak was shocked, but eventually decided to follow Rachel in his honour and take her to the top. This is a key point as a signal of Rak's development of recognition for Baam.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince


At some point he left Ship's Team with Parakewl tagging along. He was hunting in an unknown place when Parakewl ran to him and said that Koon had died. He refused to believe this, and went to look for the "treacherous turtle". 

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle

One Shot, One Opportunity

He was seen watching Koon, chasing him until he encountered Kang Horyang and as Koon was listening to Viole's conversation with Novick behind a wall. Before the game finished, he showed himself to Koon and Wangnan and several gunshots could be heard from their location afterwards.


He said that Hwa Ryun told him how to find Koon A.A and that the latter would need help. He told Koon he knew that Rachel betrayed them and that Baam was still alive. While arguing with Koon, their true friendship and their deep bonds were revealed. "Raleader" fired Koon's heart, who gained the motivation to get Baam back.

Battle x Gamble

He participated in the Plug event (under the alias Red Hawk) alongside Dan. Before leaving the arena, he looked Viole directly in the eyes.

The Truth

After the Plug event, he beat the snot out of Parakewl for spoiling their plan to get Viole. After venting his anger, he decided to go to recover his old friend by himself. Along with Yihwa, he infiltrated the FUG living quarters where they ran into both Androssi and then Viole. He chased Viole, who tried to escape, and with the help of Parakewl, he managed to tackle Viole. He then confirmed that Viole and Baam were indeed one and the same. After a heart to heart reunion, he tried to take Viole away from FUG, but Androssi forced him to leave with her.


Rak was summoned by Wangnan after the latter defeated Tebo & Lebo and earned Koon 500,000 points. He was with his teammates when the results of the other semi-finals were announced.


He followed Koon and the rest of the team to the waiting area for the semi-finals. As he, Akraptor and Wangnan are walking through the corridors, they overheard some Regulars bad-mouthing Viole, much to their annoyance.

Later, after their semi-finals started, Rak and Yihwa soon engaged Macha and Paul and, after working together, overwhelmed and defeated the two. Just then, Beta appeared and asked them if they were friends of Viole. They replied in a roundabout way, which made Beta think they weren't and he quickly left in pursuit of Wangnan and Quaetro. Leesoo chastised Rak for letting Beta go and told him to chase after Beta. They quickly hurried after Beta and arrived just in time for Rak to block Beta's strike.


Rak, Yihwa and Vespa battled with Beta, until the latter began to overwhelm them. After hearing of Viole's escape, Beta raced off to the summoning station with Rak, Yihwa and Laure in pursuit. The three managed to arrive at their location just before Beta could finish off Wangnan. They fought, with Laure removing Medina from Beta's body and Yihwa destroying it, before Sophia and some Workshop guards appeared. Beta resumed his attack and prepared to blow up the summoning station but Viole was summoned just in time.


After Viole defeated Beta, Rak helped in taking down the Workshop guards. He then happily reunited with Viole and Koon, and then purchased the Mad Shocker with Yihwa. He went with Koon and Viole as they went to rescue Hwa Ryun from Reflejo.

After arriving at the cavern, the three began their battle with Reflejo but were initially overwhelmed, due to the latter using Hwa Ryun against them. After Koon formulated a plan to overcome Reflejo's advantage, Rak helped in carrying it out, enabling the plan to be successfully executed. With the Hwa Ryun problem solved and Baam's Thorn activating, the three were able to take Reflejo down.

When the solution was being poured in and Reflejo destroyed the ground in an attempt to kill them all, Androssi fortunately arrived and teleported them all to safety using Bon Bon.

With Team Tangsooyook victorious in the Workshop Battle, Rak could be seen sleeping besides Baam and Koon.


Rak was seen sleeping besides Baam, with the latter noting how heavy he was.

Later, he is with Baam and Koon, the two latter noting how nice it would be for everything to remain how it was. He then gets into a playful scuffle with Koon, before Goseng arrived and told them of Horyang's condition. He was present as Horyang's condition was diagnosed and was also present when Hwa Ryun detailed them of the Hell Express.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


While he was being chased by Quaetro, Rak crashed into Koon and the two started arguing about who bumped into who. However Rak soon ran off again whilst telling Koon that the Red Turtle would start the meeting in 5 minutes. Later on Rak listened to Hwa Ryun as she explained how the Hell Express worked.

Revolution Road

Rak appeared from their room on the Entrance floor of Train City alongside Hwa Ryun and greeted Baam and his group. He later stood with them all inside and quietly listened to all that went on.

The next day he participated in the tournament and was put in the keeper position with Boro in the "Crazy Yellow Ball" game. When Baam made a bet with Ha Yura and lost a Ticket, Rak was forcibly removed from the game. Later on, after Yura had revealed that they were all caught in a trap and then escaped, Rak was among the Regulars deciding on a plan of action to stop Rachel's group from stealing the Hell Train. Unfortunately he was one of those picked to stay behind, much to his chagrin. As he was grumbling, a familiar person spoke to him.

He was later on seen complaining from boredom as he watched the final match of the tournament unfold. Chang taunted him (and Quaetro joined in later) until Koon returned to the stadium with bad news. Rak chastised Koon for letting the train get away and for getting Baam knocked out but Beta told him not to be so harsh since Baam was fine. Beta went on to explain what had happened to Baam (due to the Thorn) and also why Baam would be fine. Afterwards, Rak was present when they all discussed their plan of action to catch up to the train.


A month after the Train City incident, on the 36th Floor, Rak called out Koon for always going off alone when the latter returned from eating. Koon retorted coldly before starting the meeting on what they would do to catch up to the train. When the meeting ended, Koon told everyone to grab some food before the next test, which greatly irked Rak. However Koon snapped at him before leaving whilst Rak left with everyone else to get food.

Rak and the rest of the team then passed the 36th Floor test but Baam passed out again. As the team looked over the unconscious Baam, Ha Jinsung appeared at their door wondering who had done this to his pupil.
Later, Jinsung revealed what he knew about Hoaqin and told them they should give up on pursuing the train. Despite this, Koon came up with a plan to trick Jinsung and get away, which they successfully enacted.

Wooden Horse

The Three quickly arrived at the train's stairs, opposite Hoaqin, Daniel, Rachel and Yura. With Boro telling them who Hoaqin was, Rak mocked Hoaqin's appearance much to the latter's great annoyance. When Baam leaped over to confront Hoaqin, Rak tried to jump over and help him but was swatted away by Daniel.

He and some other Regulars were then teleported somewhere inside the Hell Express.

A Month

Encountering Angel and Mad Dog, Rak, Bero Bero and her team began fighting with the two until they were told to stop by the suddenly appearing Vicente, with Rak wondering who the new squashed rice cake was. Vicente threatened their aggressors until Hoaqin arrived. The two squashed rice cakes conversed until Hoaqin's side began attacking. Ja Wangnan then sealed Vicente and they all fled before Hoaqin and his allies could reach them.

A few days later, Rak irritatedly asked Wangnan what was going on but Wangnan didn't fully know himself; Vicente then struck Wangnan a deal. Later still, Vicente helped them pass the various stages inside the train and Rak was present when Daniel offered a deal to Vicente.

Rak and the rest of their group then arrived at the 4th stage in time for the game to begin.

The Dallar Show

With the Dallar Show underway, Rak watched Koon ease to victory in the first round. In the second round game, Rak was put by himself but he later found someone else in the pipes and wondered whether they were dead or not.

Yuri Jahad

Rak, like the majority of Baam's companions did not know who Yuri was at first. Even after Baam revealed her identity, he still had no idea and proudly declared that he wasn't a "companion" but the leader of the team. He joined the rest of Baam's team in facing the Gray guardian, the opponent for the 38th Floor stage test. Yuri remarked that Baam, Koon and Rak had outstanding individual skill but worked even better when combined. Rak passed the test and continued to the Name Hunt station with the rest of the group. 

The 'Name Hunt' Station

Rak entered the Name Hunt station along with Baam and the others. Rak used Mad Shocker to blow away the mob awaiting the new arrivals to the station. Xia Xia declared Rak as one of the Four Lords of FUG as part of Leesoo's plan to rally the no-named to support Jyu Viole Grace. The group split up and soon after this, Inieta, one of the Ten Bosses, appeared and challenged Rak to a one-on-one fight which he accepted. In the ensuing clash, Rak realised that he was unable to see Inieta's sword. Due to his animalistic instincts, Rak was able to dodge a powerful attack from Inieta, who commented that "there have been only two people around here who lasted this long in a sword fight with me". Rak realised that even with his instincts, he wouldn't be able to deal any damage to Inieta. At this moment, Yeon Yihwa and Hong Danhwa appeared to back him up, however, both were quickly defeated and Inieta took Danhwa's Ignition Weapon, Krishna. Rak returned to his original size to fight Inieta, but was eventually defeated. He was taken prisoner by Inieta along with Yihwa and Danhwa and was used as bait to lure Baam to the auction. He was later found and rescued by Hwa Ryun's group.

Following the start of the battle between Yuri and Karaka, Rak decided to follow Baam and Koon onto the Hell Train despite his injuries. However, he was separated from the rest of the group along with Danhwa and Yihwa. Before they could proceed, Karaka appeared and held them hostage. Yihwa attacked Karaka using Danhwa's sword, causing the section of the bridge that they were on to fall. Immediately after this Yuri released her Rose Shower attack, completely swallowing up the area surrounding the Name Hunt station, leaving Rak's fate ambiguous.