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Rak Wraithraiser

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Korean Name 라크 레크레이셔
Status Active
Location 30F
Position Spear Bearer
Affiliations Regular
First Appearance Chapter 04, Vol 1
Last Appearance Ongoing
"Of course... A game without me... IS A GAME NOT WORTH WINNING!!!"
- Rak Wraithraiser to Baam

Rak Wraithraiser (라크 레크레이셔, Rahk Rekraisher; or "Rac Wreckraiser") is a Regular. He unwillingly teamed up with Baam and Koon during the first test on the Second Floor, however, he quickly became attached to Koon and Baam throughout the following tests and inevitably becomes a member of the group that initially planned to carry Rachel to the top of the Tower after Baam's apparent death at the end of season one. He was selected for the Spear Bearer position. He is a large, powerful warrior and a very confident individual.

He's currently participating in the Workshop Battle with Koon and Team Tangsooyook with the objective of recovering Baam.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • It is implied that Rak climbs the Tower in search of 'something that transcends all things'. This would be something above wealth, glory, authority and revenge.[1]
  • SIU stated that "Wraithraiser" is actually the name of his race:
Q: What type of creature is the Gator? (09/06/2010)
A: Rak is from the Wraithraiser race/species.
So the "Wraithraiser" that Rak uses at the end of his name is actually the name of his race/species.


"You pathetic turtles, all hiding your heads inside your shells because of fear. That's why you're nothing more than baby turtles. Ones who never freely put out their heads in fear of being eaten. I will go with him. I don't care what happens next. I never lose my prey. You can all just keep hiding in your shells and live a long life."

"I just wanted to be happy together. With you and with black turtle." - Rak to Koon Aguero Agnis

"A turtle that's even more useless than I thought. You said you sent a girl to sit by the king because she looked fit? Are you saying that as if you're boasting? If it was me, and there was a female that looked fitting to sit by the Alpha male, I'd snap that Alpha's neck and become the new Alpha. Then wouldn't who I put beside me be my choice? IN MY EYES THAT'S WHAT YOU'VE LOST! YOUR BANANA! YOU RETARD!!" - Rak to Koon on the 2nd Floor when it was unknown if Baam would continue and Koon was moping.

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • (Korean Pronunciation) Rah-keu Reh-keu-reh-ee-sheo
  • (SIU, statcard) Rac Lacration
  • Rac Wreckraisher


  1. Tower of God Part I Preview
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