Pitch Changeup

Pitch Changeup (Love)

Pitch Changeup (Viole)

Hangul 구질 변화
Hanja 球質 變化
Romaja Gujil byeonhwa
Battle Data
Shinsoo Control Wonsul
Classification Fighting Technique
Usage Support (Offence)
Parent Technique None
Derived Techniques Cut Fast Ball
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 16
Known Users Mule Love
Twenty-Fifth Baam

Pitch Changeup is a technique that uses Shinsoo to boost the user's punch while it is in contact with an enemy. It is a devastating close-range blast using red and black Shinsoo that revolves around the user's hand. It is generally used after performing Straight Ball to maximise punching damage.

When used by someone of a Ranker's level, even if holding back, it was strong enough to easily knock down someone of Viole's calibre.[1]

Alternate Translations

  • Pitch Change-up
  • Breaking Ball


  1. Vol.2 Ch.16: 20F – The Untrustworthy Room (6)