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Korean Name 펜타미넘
Sobriquet The Riddle
Status Inactive
Position 1
Affiliations Irregulars

High Rankers

"Have you heard? The man who easily dwarfed Zahard's forces... Phantaminum."
- Yu Han Sung talking about Phantaminum

Phantaminum (펜타미넘, pentamineom) is a mysterious and highly dangerous Irregular, currently 1st in the ranking. He is famous for contributing to the creation of the stereotype against Irregulars. He is presumably the most powerful entity in the Tower. He is actually an Axis (author).[1] As the "Riddle", he is the most puzzling entity in the Tower: no clear motives, no clear relationships.

Origin of the SobriquetEdit

Phantaminum appeared suddenly in the Tower and broke into the Zahard's inner palace, killing many royals and courtiers, all of whom were high-level Rankers. He succeeded in breaking all of the lines of defence and ultimately faced Zahard but he disappeared without a fight. His mysterious appearance and disappearance from The Tower left many unanswered questions, which is how he got the sobriquet, "Riddle".[citation needed] Another reason is his combat style. It is said that he had a freewheeling and desultory combat style and had used a weapon that had not been seen anywhere inside the Tower. Most of the eye-witnesses either died or lost their minds with fear, so the stories were not accurately reported.[citation needed] However there are rumours that he is the only one who could ever ascend to the 135th Floor.[citation needed]


Phantaminum was originally a normal human being, but was "awakened", using an unknown process, into an Axis.[citation needed] This is the same for all other Axes. The negative views towards the Irregulars have grown because of him and these views had a big impact on Urek Mazino when he climbed the Tower.[citation needed] When Phantaminum broke into the palace, it is said he met Ha Yuri Zahard in the inner palace. There is a great diversity of opinion as to why he didn't kill her. Yuri Zahard didn't say anything about the matter except that, "He was a dirty one" (더러운 놈, "scumbag").[citation needed]

There were a lot of objections in the Ranking Administration Office about giving Phantaminum the 1st ranking, who had disappeared after the attack on the palace of Zahard and had become inactive. But everyone agreed his impressive strength alone was overwhelming. As a result, Phantaminum became the No. 1 Ranker by showing himself in only one battle, dragging the "Red Tower" Enryu down to 2nd rank.

Current statusEdit

He was seen very little in the Tower after the attack on the palace, and most of the stories are rumours, therefore it's hard to confirm any of the stories. There's a rumour that he is in a cat-and-dog like relationship with Urek Mazino, but it is not confirmed.[citation needed] Put simply, Phantaminum is a monster whose information starts and ends with a riddle.

Every Ranker is on watch for the movement of this monster.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being an Axis, Phantaminum possesses a power that, when compared to a normal individual, is close to that of a god. This is because normally, the will and actions of an Axis can only be prevented by an Axis of higher level, and a non-Axis has no chance against an Axis in battle. In short, Phantaminum can only be defeated by a more powerful Axis.

As an Axis, Phantaminum is the "author", or god, of one "story" in the universe. In exchange for taking on the responsibility of managing this story, he is given a powerful authority over the events that occur in the story. He is able to "write" records that cannot be erased or changed.

Every Axis has the power to generate a space around them, in which they can use a unique power that cannot be denied or negated. Under the specifications of this ability, Phantaminum can control some aspect of reality within his own field. Phantaminum's power, however, is unknown. Axis primarily have the ability to control the reality of a finite amount of space around them.

Note about Axis: SIU admitted it's a crossover from a different manga/manhwa/webcomic. So most of this stuff is mainly how it works "outside of Tower". So nothing is 100% confirmed and some things can change.[citation needed]

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Based on previous Talse Uzer Story works, Phantaminum, as an Axis, is an entity that was 'awakened'. He was originally a normal human being.[citation needed]
  • Currently, no one in the Tower is aware of the fact that Phantaminum is an Axis. 
  • The Rankers of the Tower often debate about who would stand victorious if Phantaminum ever clashed with Enryu. Since Phantaminum is an Axis while Enryu isn't, the outcome is obvious that Phantaminum would win, but people in Tower do not know that fact.
  • It is said that Urek Mazino entered the Tower to track down Phantaminum.[1]
  • The author once stated that "Phantaminum could instantly destroy the Tower of God story if he wanted to". In all seriousness, this was not a joke.[citation needed]
  • SIU has stated that he is one of the 5 most powerful Axes in the universe.
  • It is discussed that Shinsoo itself may be the Axis field of the true god the Tower was built to reach.[citation needed] In this case manipulating Shinsoo may be able to harm Phantaminium as it has the properties of an Axis field. 
  • SIU doubts Phantaminum will ever appear in Tower of God.[citation needed]

Alternate TranslationsEdit


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