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Parakwel lll

Korean Name 파라큘
Status Active
Position Spear Bearer
Affiliations Regulars
First Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 29
Last Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 110
"No... it can't end like this. No matter what happens, I have to get to the top of the Tower. For me, rather than trash like you, far more important things are hanging on the line! No matter what... I can't stop. Someone... please... Someone Please Save Me! YOU TRASH!"

Parakewl (파라큘, Parakyul) is a rather unintelligent and useless Regular. He got through most of the Second Floor and was assigned the Spear Bearer position. He was put on Team B in the Hide-and-Seek Test and came up with a ridiculous plan called "Spear Bearer Revolution", which essentially involved everyone sacrificing themselves so that he could get the best score. Also, he abandoned Hatsu while he was fighting the Ranker, Quant. This gives us an idea of how self-centred he is. He will do anything to get to the top, even if it involves betraying his comrades.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Parakewl has the appearance of a zombie: his skin is green and his physique is boney (Des Lion also once remarked that he looks like a walking corpse). He wears a dark yellow cap and covers himself with a black robe, underneath of which is a yellow-collared white tunic.

In Part 1, Parakewl comes across as an extremely unlikeable character. He convinces Mauchi to abandon Hatsu during the Hide-and-Seek game in order to escape a confrontation with Quant. Later on, he manipulates Ho into using Rachel as a bargaining chip so that he can take down Quant with his spear. Parakewl is not above using others as bait in order to achieve his goals and doesn't care much for any life besides his own. His trust in his teammates also wavers when he is in the midst of difficult situations, as demonstrated when he refuses to follow Koon's order to stand down during the Submerged Fish Hunt Test and throws his spear at the Thieves regardless, which almost results in the failure of the mission. Parakewl is often bailed out of the mess that he himself creates by the other Regulars.

In Part 2, Parakewl's personality has not changed much, but he is now less of a harmful influence within the team and more of an outlet for comic relief. In the Battle x Gamble portion of the Workshop Battle, he humorously knocks out both Anak Zahard and Koon Ran during their climactic fight by emerging suddenly from the water and shouting "Revolution!", tipping over the platform where both combatants are standing on.[1] This leads to an unexpected benefit for most of the gamblers, including Ship Leesoo and Koon Aguero Agnis, when the match is deemed null and void due to Parakewl's actions and they are given a second chance to participate in the team portion of the Workshop Battle. Also, when Rak is attempting to confront a fleeing Jyu Viole Grace, Parakewl bursts out screaming from a dimly lit staircase. This startles Jyu Viole Grace and gives Rak enough time to take him down, thus leading to their tearful reunion.

As a whole, Parakewl serves as an annoying but sometimes necessary force for the other Regulars in the story. He has absolutely none of the traits that one would expect from a character in the protagonist group. He is cowardly, not particularly smart, rather weak and very cold hearted. At the same time, he is ridiculously vain and sincerely believes that he is better then everyone else, often deridingly calling all others "trash" to their faces. However, his actions also serve as catalysts for major events to take place - sometimes beneficial and at other times detrimental. His ascent in the Tower is largely due to the help of his brilliant teammates and less of his own abilities. In the entire group, Parakewl has stronger ties to Rak and is often seen hanging out with him. This is mostly due to the fact that Rak saved his life after Parakewl's blunder in the Submerged Fish Hunt Examination.

Tower of God: Part 1Edit

Parakewl made ​​his first appearance on the Second Floor, was assigned to the position of Spear Bearer, participated in the test of Hide-and-Seek with the B team and was assigned to the test together with Hatsu and Mauchi. When Androssi took over, he travelled with Hatsu and Mauchi. He complained that the idea of ​​making a "Spear Bearer Revolution" was better than Androssi's idea, but Hatsu hit him for it. When Hatsu was attacked by Quant, he came up with a plan to run off instead of backing him up, which they promptly did. He said he also had a plan which would get them out of being beat up for ditching Hatsu. He heroically captured Serena Rinnen and Shopin, then teamed up with Levin to use the prisoners as bait to capture Quant. When he noticed Ho, he used the situation to take a shot at Quant and when he missed, he told Ho to use Rachel as a hostage so his team could take out Quant. However, when Baam arrived, his whole group was easily defeated by Quant.

Parakewl almost ruined the Submerged Fish Test by attacking the Thieves too early and had to be bailed out by Rak.

He went up to the Third Floor with the other Regulars, after the supposed death of Baam.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the PrinceEdit

He was seen running and informing Rak about Koon's death. When Rak refuses to believe the news, Parakewl goes with him to the Workshop Battle.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop BattleEdit

Battle x GambleEdit

Appears in one of the rounds of the "Plug" event where he is fleeing from a Regular. He also interferes in the fight between Anak Zahard and Koon Ran, causing both of them to lose the fight, leaving everyone stunned.

The TruthEdit

When Viole is confronted by Androssi, Rak and Yihwa, Parakewl finally manages to do something useful by distracting into Viole,[2] who would have otherwise escaped, although arguably, even this might not have been a useful deed, as this caused Viole and the rest to fall right into FUG's plan.


He was seen with the other Regulars inside the Wolhaiksong suspendiship. Later, he was present when everyone reunited after the events were over.


Parakewl was seen with the other lot as the Regulars relaxed at the Wolhaiksong resort.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

[3]Parakewl is good at using situations to his advantage and is capable of throwing a spear quite well. When the main group left the floor of the test he managed to get them to take him with them. No one expects him to be a threat as he's not particularly strong (or even strong at all), which allows him to take people by surprise which turns out to be a great advantage in various situations.

Evolution!! Longterm!!! (에볼루셔어언-!! 롱-터엄!!, ebol'lusyeoeoeon-!! long-teoeom!!):[4] Parakewl pops out of nowhere from under a rock. This technique is capable of knocking out two of the top fivers, Ran and Anak, when they were severely weakened (Ran was nearing his last five minutes of Redan and Anak was badly injured by Ran).

Revolution!! Freedom!!! (레볼루셔언!! 후리더엄!!!, lebollusyeoeon hulideoeom):[5] Parakewl pops out of nowhere from behind a wall. This technique is capable of surprising Viole, causing him to run straight into the user and letting Parakewl's partner, Rak, to catch Viole despite high movement speed of the latter.

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • (Korean pronunciation) Pah-rah-kyool
  • (SIU's English) Parakkiul
  • (LINE) Paracule


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