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  • Hi Demotivator! Would you be interested in affiliating ToG Wiki with Knight Run Wiki? :)

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  • Hey Demotivator,

    Can you please release the restriction on my profile so I can edit it? I don't have admin rights anymore.

    Thanks :))

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  • Hey hey!

    Seeing as the Wiki has pretty much died down in the recent weeks in terms of activity of anyone but Clash.Bikash, I suggest to grant him at the very least moderation privileges in case there is ever a need and none of us are around.

    I occasionally come by and can do some moderation, but it's not enough for a proper maintenance in case there are any problems. I'm no longer here as often as I used to be ever since the ToG left my reading list, and even my occasional visits are going to cease in about 3 months when my "adventure" begins. In fact, it's best to consider me as inactive already.

    With this out of the way, how is your post-dissertation life? Are you pursuing more learning, or have you already succumbed to the pull of work?

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    • Lolololol XD

      So many things to take into account... I'll figure it all out if I ever get the opportunity to pursue a martial art ! Punching_Monkey.gif

      Hehehe, the nigh-insurmountable PC wall. All I've got (had ?) are relatively "good" reflexes and the closest thing to spirit projection I've got is my resting DPMO face whenever I'm not in the mood (and that doesn't come out often) hahaha. Somehow, I've never been in a proper fight [real life or controlled] in my 20+ years of life so I have no idea what hits I can (or can't) take. Would be interesting to find out XD

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    • Actually, most of what I say are my own concerns, it greatly differs from person to person, and today's world allows you to live in relative safety--basically never requiring you to defend yourself in the real world. Moreover, if you wish to merely learn how to defend yourself, self-defence courses are much better choice; those courses take one or more martial arts and strip it of anything one might deem superfluous in a situation where you're being attacked.

      Therefore, while some people start practicing martial arts because of their desire to defend themselves, most people who continue the practice actually care for quite something else; usually it's the martial art in question, but sometime it's the culture behind the martial art, or maybe the very notion of "art" (e.g., some people really enjoy the choreography of katas), etc. Of course, if you practice for a long time and advance enough, you're going to reach a level where you can defend yourself, but in martial arts it takes way more time than in self-defence courses--or even in martial sports (e.g., boxing).

      Long Aikido Text

      Aikikai Aikido is among the most frustrating martial arts in this regard, because you need to acquire a very high level in order to apply it in the real world; it's closely related to the nature of this particular martial art, but it's also the way it's taught.

      • Particularities of Aikido: Imagine that you're starting Karate, now, everyone instinctively knows how to throw a punch or to kick--even how to block and evade--, so the foundation exists in one form or another. Some can do these things better than others, but Karate ultimately then exposes you to a curriculum that teaches you how to do these things properly, what variations exist, and how and when to deploy them. In contrast, the foundation of Aikido is unnatural for essentially everyone but babies. You know how babies can feel heavier than their weight suggests, or how they can pull you down or grab you with surprising effectiveness despite their minuscule strength? That's the kind of thing you have to "re-learn" for Aikido, and it takes time--lots of it depending on your talent.
      • The way it's taught: Aikido is taught in an unstructured manner that follows the flow. The only structure you can find is the enumeration of techniques you need to know for each grade, but if all you do is to memorise the techniques, then you still haven't really made any progress; not to mention that you're kind of expected to shed those techniques in the future. The truly important thing is "the principles" that you acquire as you practice--and that you need in order to perform those techniques properly--, but there is no tried-and-true way to teach those even though many masters try their best. For basically all of these principles, it's not merely the simple notion of "I'm a beginner, but I'm going to improve", no, at first it's "I'm not even a beginner" until something clicks and you suddenly become a beginner and can start improving. You can take my word for this, it can be incredibly frustrating. This teaching approach ultimately leads to accomplished Aikikai Aikido-ka to have anywhere from minute to major differences in their style, which speaks greatly for the personal development aspect of Aikikai Aikido, but which makes learning it truly difficult.

      Yoshinkan Aikido is way more structured and strict when it comes to practice, which means that you're going to grasp it faster, though it won't be your path as much as the path of the founder of Yoshinkan Aikido--Gozo Shioda. The advantage here is that it's the pre-war form of Aikido that still mainly focused on the real-world application (Japanese Riot Police is / used to be taught this style). Aikikai Aikido has additional philosophical and spiritual aspects in addition to the martial, so acquisition of any single aspect is slower.

      Well, as we have already covered, people are essentially glass butter knives, so assuming "average" attacker and defender; my opinion is that one can take lots of hits to legs and arms (unless you get hit directly into the joint), a couple of hits to the core (except solar plexus), and one or very few hits to the head. Naturally, if the disparity between the attacker and defender grows larger, these numbers are going to shift to reflect that. All in all, I prefer evasion--both in the real world and in games. =)

      PS: Not sure if your DPMO face can do the trick, though. Let me know what happens if you ever get to try it. =P

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    • An anonymous Regular
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  • Hi, would you like to affiliated Tower of God Wiki with Lumine Wiki?

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  • Hello Demotuvator,

    Can you please give me Thread Moderator rights on Tower of God Wiki. I wanted this rights because of korean spam, as you know this wiki getting continuous attack. and VSTF have requested to report them in VSTF wikia so they can block the IP globally and i'm doing this for quite a few wiki, but sometime VSTF and our Admin are inactive when they attack and the thread stay live for long time and i can delete the thread if they post between 5:00 (UTC) TO 18:00 (UTC) within 1hr of posting as i frequently visit the wiki in those hour.

    I need the rights only till the korean spam problem.

    Hope you consider my request.


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    • Sorry missed it.

      Those are spam not posts. if you go the the vstf wiki you see a lot of wiki reporting of them and its happening in all communities with high WAM score and also in few low WAM wiki too like The gamer wiki, God of High-school wiki villains wiki, community central and many more. VSTF has listed bot on the #cvn-wikia IRC channel.

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    • No problem; I was around so I took care of it.

      They may be spam if you consider cross-wikia perspective, but I don't see any reason to unless you're a Community Central staff. In most cases, they are nothing more than Korean posts from the perspective of this wikia alone, which still merits a deletion, but isn't something to worry about.

      The latest one was definitely a spam, though.

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    • An anonymous Regular
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  • Hey I've created this {{CP To Do List}} Template for Special:Community page for the task that are pending.

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  • Hola,

    There has already been a second user--Slayer me--that decided to act up on the Arlen Grace page. This time I merely undid the edits instead of rollback so you can still view the history, but I think this clearly asks for a block.

    Moreover, since the page is proving to be a trouble point, I suggest we protect it from editing for the time being.

    Any objection on either count?


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    • Thank you very much Mr Thanos XD

      Now the student has become the master... or has the master become the student...? Hmm... Confuse.gif

      You may have the (out)sole of a shoe, but I have GUNS & ALIENS !!!


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    • Mmm, I'll let you figure that one out; after all, master always gives his students a room to grow~ =P

      Guns & Aliens? Well I have got Bruce Willis on my side!

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    • An anonymous Regular
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  • Hello Demotivator, Admins and Contributors.

    I was thinking if we integrate a facebook page with our wiki(like many have done) to attract new contributors and to promote it too.

    I've this facebook page in my mind. It's well maintained and i also talked it with admin their and they are agree with it.

    So what do you guy's think of it.

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  • Hey Demo i've created a ToG battle poll in your absence, would you please highlight or put a Notifiacation of it here. So, everyone can see the poll and vote for their favourite character.

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  • Hello, i was wondering if there was a way to get into touch with you and others wiki admins. There is something i would like to propose but its a bit lenghty to explain so for now if you can join me and other ToG fans on Discord or drop me a message here.

    Thanks in advance. 

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    • An anonymous Regular
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