Maschenny Style: Lightning Spear Technique
Hangul 마스체니식: 전창술
Hanja 마스체니式: 電槍術
Romaja Mahseuchehni-sig: Jeonchangsul
Battle Data
Shinsoo Control Jeonsul
Usage Offensive
Parent Technique None
Derived Techniques Deadly Lightning
Eléctrica Perla
Espada de la Luz
Espada Grande
Lanza de Relámpago
Known Users Koon Maschenny Zahard
Koon Ran

Maschenny Style: Lightning Spear Technique is a style created by Maschenny herself. It allows the user to take on the Spear Bearer position without being armed with spears.[1] However, the style is only inherited within a special branch of the Koon Family, so people with the ability to use this technique are few.

With mastery of this style, Maschenny outperforms even a usual High Ranker's Spear Bearer in the same position. When used by a Regular, it seems the technique cannot be used often, because it takes a toll on the user's body.[1] Whether this occurs with users of Ranker-level or even High Ranker-level, remains to be seen.


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