Korean Name 레-아라
Status Failed
Position Light Bearer
Affiliations Regulars
First Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 10
Last Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 23

Le-Ara (레-아라) was a Regular assigned to the Light Bearer position. He eventually failed the Floor.

Appearance and Personality

Le-Ara was a large green blob-like being. He had a cone-shaped head with gill-like ridges where his neck should be. He basically looked like a green bogey with arms.

Tower of God: Part 1

Lero-Ro's Test

He managed to pass Lero-Ro's Test. The rest of his team wasn't seen with him.

Crown Game

In the Crown Game, his teamm consisting of Red Hair and Ucha, went out in the fourth round but were attacked by Koon's allies. He was defeated by Grey and eventually failed the position test.

Alternate Translations

  • (Korean pronunciation) Leh-Ah-Ra
  • Leh-Ara


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