Korean Name 크랑카
Status Active
Location 43rd Floor
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 237
Last Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 259

Kranka (크랑카, Keulangka) is an inhabitant of the Floor of Death who is fighting alongside Garam Zahard.

Appearance and Personality

He has yellow eyes and grey skin. He wears a hood upon the upper part of his face.

Image Gallery

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Floor of Death


Powers and Abilities

He owns the Snow Blaster (스노우 블라스터, Seunou Beullaseuteo), an item which can fire a freezing blast: the Ice Castle (얼음성, Eol-eumseong) meant to stop the immortals of the 43rd Floor.[1]


  1. Vol.2 Ch.250: 43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (19)


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