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Koon Ran



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Chapter 104

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Ran (란) is a Regular and a Fisherman currently on the 30th Floor. He is Koon Agero Agnis's teammate and the strongest of the group, not including Koon or Rachel. He is also from the same branch family as Koon Maschenny Zahard. He is now in the FUG team created for Viole.


Appearance & Personality

Ran is a short boy with light blue hair and blue eyes. He almost always wears a dark blue T-shirt over a black long sleeve shirt with black pants. His age is unknown; however, he does appear quite young.

He is notably very arrogant in terms of his strength, although most of the time, reasonably. However, it can often get the better of him, especially when fighting against Viole.

He has a stoic personality, though he often shows annoyance toward others in his team. Ran divides those he meet into six different levels:

  • Slightly bothersome.
  • A little bothersome.
  • Bothersome.
  • Very bothersome.
  • Too bothersome.
  • Wants to kill.

Naturally, there is no one who is in the "Not bothersome" level.[1]

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Novick vs Ran
Novick vs. Ran
SarnikAdded by Sarnik

Connecting Fences

Ran is first seen when Novik introduces Edin Dan to the group Koon formed. Novik uses the inroduction of a new group member as an excuse to retest the rankings within the team. It is said by the other group members that Novik is only on the team in order to challenge Ran, who is amongst the top five E-rank regulars. Ran is later seen wearing an oversized number 1 shirt, which Novik had ordered for himself in anticipation of beating Ran. Koon Agero Agnis tells them that their purpose was to be a fence around Rachel and in return he would reward them with whatever they wished when he becomes the head of the Koon Family.


On the 29th Floor, Ran works with Dan in order to find out the enemy's location. Initially Ran is furious at Dan for relying on an Emilie and not finding the enemy, but before he could do any harm to Dan the enemy reveal themselves. Ran easily defeats their fighter while Dan ran to the enemy base.

Devil of the Right Arm

Once Apple discovers where the Devil of the Right Arm is, Ran, along with Koon and Novick, go to The Hand of Arlen.

Ran attacked
LucenthiaAdded by Lucenthia
At first Koon means to use his lighthouse to detect the traps and for Novick and Ran to destroy them, but Ran is annoyed at Novick's talking and lashes out at him, accidentally hitting the lighthouse and destroying it. Ran continues to destroy traps, ending up in front of Horyang, and thinks he is the Devil of the Right Arm. They fight, and Ran gains the upper hand after using Lightning Lance. After being surprised at Horyang's defense, Novick appears as well. He and Novik chase after Horyang as Horyang runs away. Ran runs forward, pointedly doing the opposite of what Novik was telling him to, and is led to a room inside Arlen's Hand where Cassano reveals himself. Before he can react, he is then attacked, and sent flying by Cassano's left arm. Uninjured, he then tells Novik to take the front line, while he uses Espada de Luz, piercing through Cassano.

He is then attacked by an enraged Horyang, and abandons charging another Espada de Luz and instead goes for quicker attacks with lightening infused fists. He then charges his Espada de Luz and shoots at Horyang who was held down by Novick, but misses due to Horyang blasting the ground and quickly moving away. Suddenly, Horyang is stabbed and he and Novick have to deal with an enraged Viole. He proves much tougher than Horyang, using three baangs right away. They aim for the lighthouse to reduce the range and response time of Viole, but Viole uses all five baangs and blows them back. Novick percieves that Ran was not 100% and can't use another Espada de Luz, and creates an opening so he can use a weaker version of Espada de Luz: lanza relámpago. However, this attack is repelled by Viole's use of Xia Xia's lighthouse, and they are blasted into the wall by all five of Viole's baangs.

While Xia Xia was distracted by Koon showing up and the conversation that followed after, Ran knocks the detonator out of her hands. Novick quickly grabs it but is easily stopped by Viole. Xia Xia sets off the bomb, claiming that it was under Viole's orders. Ran and Novick are saved when they are accidently taken along Xia Xia's escape golem.


Ran and Novick are both angry at what happened and attack Xia Xia and Cassano. Viole steps in and stops the fight. He explains that he had no desire to fight Koon's teammates, proposing an alliance instead. Xia Xia agrees when Viole ordered her to. Ran agreed to Viole's suggestion when he was secretly given a message on his pocket that Koon may still be alive. They travelled with FUG to their new home, and watched Viole's new team take the 29th floor test. He remarked that while the team certainly was annoying, it was flawless.

Workshop Battle

Duel of the poker faces
Poker face showdown
LucenthiaAdded by Lucenthia
Ran and Novick arrived some days before Team Tangsooyook and were staying at an apartment waiting for all the other regulars to arrive. They went to Viole and asked if the cuffs restraining their movements could be taken off. Viole forces Reflejo to comply. Novick tries to intimidate Reflejo, but draws back sharply, sensing something strange. As Reflejo walks away, Novick asks Viole why he was being so kind to them, recieving only a cryptic response. As they went back to their rooms, Novick wondered why they weren't running away now they had their cuffs off, but Ran didn't reply.

One Shot, One Opportunity

He was calm throughout the whole event. When the team was discussing what to do, he wanted to go and leave Viole, but Reflejo refused. The compromise to move out when there were 100 tickets left was made. When Anak threw her spear and slid into the room, Ran was there waiting for her. He called her a lizard, provoking her to attack him and Novick. Ran dodged while Novick tried to block, resulting in him being thrown into the wall. In response, Ran took out cylinder that unleashed a large viscous cloud that concealed him from Anak's sight. The two fought, Ran dodging around Anak's line of vision. In annoyance, Anak ended up firing four baangs in Ran's direction, but Ran hung onto his buoyant reel and appeared outside the window. Anak jumped up over Ran, and the two were about to shoot each other when Viole appeared, shooting both of them up to Archimedes

Powers & Abilities

Ran Electrica Perla
Electrica Perla
SarnikAdded by Sarnik
Ran is one of the top five E-Rank Regulars in The Tower. He is an exceptional fighter, and seems to mainly rely on his agility and powerful Shinsoo blasts. He is a confirmed Koon, and his technique is reminiscent of Koon Eduan's style (Manuevering blue Shinsoo and lightning based attacks). He is also one of the Koon's branch that can use the ultimate spear technique known as "Maschenny Style:Lightning Sword", developed by Koon Maschenny Zahard herself.
  • Blue Lightning: The Shinsoo that he uses is electric in nature. When Ran attacks, he gathers it into his hand before releasing a powerful lightning blast.
  • Electrica Perla (Electric Pearl): This is one of the Maschenny Style: Lightning Spear techniques. He creates a large blast of electricity in the form of a spear that's powerful enough to easily scar the ground.
  • Espada de la Luz (Sword of Brilliant Light): Another version of the Maschenny Style: Lightning Spear. Since it is a spear made from Shinsoo, people who are not Spearbearers can use it; however, the Maschenny Style spear is only inherited within a special branch of the Koon family so people with the ability are few. The lightning spear is extremely fast and accurate compared to normal Shinsoo techniques and it can be used for short and long range combat. When Ran uses the technique, it is strong enough to pierce through Cassano in one shot. However a downside to this technique is that it takes a toll on the users body, Ran claiming that he cannot use it more then once in a battle. 
  • Lanza de Relámpago (Lightning Lance): A technique similar to Espada de Luz. It takes less of a toll on Ran's body. 
  • Espada Grande (Gigantic Sword): A technique which takes the form of a giant sword, it looks similar to the Espada de la luz. It's exact capabilities are unknown however it can be assumed that it is weaker than the Espada de la luz. 
  •            Electric Storm Clouds: Ran is capable of engulfing his surroundings with storm clouds which impairs the opponents vision although when used by an amateur this technique is only useful in enclosed spaces however for a skilled ranker it is possible to create a natural disaster with this technique although that requires a contract with a guardian. 

Notes & Trivia

  • A Koon Family member who strongly resembles Ran is seen on Koon's team in the Tower of God x Maplestory Crossover Special. It is quite likely that he is Ran.
  • He is in the Top 5 of the E-ranked regulars.
  • Ran is probably an abandoned Koon seeing as he, like Agero, does not have a scarf.
  • Ran considers Novik to be "too bothersome". He says that he only keeps Novik alive because of his cooking.
  • It is likely that Ran does most things because Novik tells him not to[1]
  • Despite being a spear technique, Espada de la Luz takes the shape of a sword, as the name suggests.
  • Ran is afraid of having his ears pierced.[2]


"To fight him. Do I need another reason?" - In answer to Horyang asking him why he was looking for the Devil of the Right Arm

"It's faster if I go alone." - Ran to Novik


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