Karaka Style: World of Darkness
World of Darkness
Hangul 카라카류: 암흑 세계
Hanja 카라카流: 暗黑 世界
Romaja Kalaka-lyu: Amheug Segye
Battle Data
Shinsoo Control Unknown
Usage Defensive & Offensive
Parent Technique None
Derived Techniques Black Goral's Horn Whip
Black Twilight
Rain of Darkness
Infinite Past Lives
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 223
Known Users Karaka

Karaka Style Shinsoo Manipulation Technique: World of Darkness is Karaka's own Shinsoo control style.[1]

It consists of the manipulation of numerous big black orbs that can float and revolve mid-air around both the user and their foe. These spheres absorb and neutralise all enemy attacks with the additional effect that those who touch the orbs are sucked inside and trapped in it. Considering that Yuri Zahard was not subject to the trapping effect, Karaka reasoned that it failed to work due to her having a powerful body.[2]

World of Darkness block

Blocking attacks

Notes and Trivia

  • Although used in the context of a light vs. dark area, SIU explained that Scouts like darkness.[3] This technique name fits Karaka as his primary Position is a Scout.


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