Korean Name 주천
Family Ari Family
Affiliations Three Lords
High Rankers

Joochun (주천, 酒川, Jucheon)  is one of the Three Lords who rule the Tower in the place of Zahard while he sleeps. Of the three, Joochun is known to be a progressive Lord who strongly asserts the advancement to the next Floor.[1] Because he loves alcohol, he was named Joochun for "alcoholic river" (Joo=alcohol; chun=river).[1]

He was born between Ari Han and a mother who was native to the Tower, but his mother is said to have died as she gave birth to him.[1] There is a rumour that he is a drinking buddy to Urek Mazino, but this is unconfirmed.

His real name is Ari Chun.[citation needed]


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