Ja Wangnan

Wangnan FOD


Korean Name 자 왕난
Status Active
Location Hidden Floor
Affiliations Regulars
Team Tangsooyook
Team Rachel
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 1

Ja Wangnan seems to get along fairly well with the Regulars he met in the first part of the 20th Floor test and teams up with them for the Trustworthy Room Test. He eventually joins in a team with them. He likes to poke fun at people and teases them.

Nya Nia: At first it looked like Wangnan inspired Nia to retake the 20th Floor test with his determination. The two of them struck a friendship when they became roommates. When Wangnan found out the truth, he sympathized with Nia and forgave him, lying about being able to retake the test in order to make Nia feel better about his actions. Wangnan felt anger over Nia's death and swore to avenge him.

Jyu Viole Grace: From their first meeting Wangnan was intimidated by Viole and tried to avoid fighting him. Wangnan is mostly afraid of Viole, especially after Viole declared that he wished to see all of Zahard dead and Viole found his ring. Wangnan seemed to overcome his fear because of his desire to avenge Nia and his goal of creating a better place for people to live. Later on he appears to think well of Viole because of his personality and contributions to their team (mentioning how the team was 'mooching' off him). Currently Wangnan thinks highly of Viole because of his reasons for fighting, going as far as to reassure him that if he were to die, he would not regard him with malice. He also considers Viole a friend and wants to help Viole in passing the test as it is said by Akraptor before how was slacking in training but after meeting FUG he has been training hard. Near the end of the Workshop Battle arc, they both had a brief but gleeful reunion on screens.

Kim Lurker: From the beginning their relationship was antagonistic: Wangnan owed money and Lurker was a debt collector. Later on Wangnan hated Lurker for killing Nia, but decides that he didn't have a right to judge Lurker because he was the same type of person.

Yeon Yihwa: They get into fights easily since Wangnan likes to tease people and Yihwa is easily angered. Wangnan especially likes to make fun of her because of Viole (who she has a sore point about). Their arguments are mostly petty and don't appear to cause any real harm or resentment.

Hon Akraptor: Initially they were antagonistic to each other, but they are now on good terms (with some light teasing). Akraptor has helped Wangnan sort out his feelings on helping Viole. They have been seen teaming up in fights. After witnessing his murder by Rachel, he swore to get revenge for his friend.

Prince: Prince initially saw Wangnan as inferior, often looking down on him and his attempts to pass the test. After they became a team, they still fought each other but it was less malicious and more petty. Even while they agree on a goal they argue about who wants it more.

Koon Aguero Agnis: He seems to have a working relationship with Koon and respects his decisions and actions.