Appearance and Personality

Ja Wangnan

Wangnan FOD


Korean Name 자 왕난
Status Active
Location Hidden Floor
Affiliations Regulars
Team Tangsooyook
Team Rachel
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 1


Wangnan is a yellow eyed, blonde-haired guy with a mole under his right eye. He usually wears jump-suit like clothing, with a slightly more intricate coat, but wears a formal suit underneath. He has red protrusions behind his ears, 2 fangs in his mouth and wears a ring bearing the emblem of Zahard (the same as Karaka's).

He has been seen with different costumes during the story like suits with jackets and summer clothes.

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He is quite a confident person, as shown by his ambition to one day conquer The Tower and rule over everyone. He has an unbreakable determination, no matter how many times he is beaten. He seems to be easily influenced by young girls such as Yeo Miseng. Possibly due to his repeated failures, he has a practical mindset for completing the tests such as when he says that it's better to drop the person who looks the strongest in a test during the voting.

He has been shown to be sympathetic to people, even to those who have wronged him. First was to Nya Nia, who betrayed him but was forgiven because of Nia's reasons. Second was to Kim Lurker, who he saw was similar to him in circumstances. Though Wangnan has a practical mindset when it comes to completing tests, he is also driven by a conscience and struggles to resolve his morals with the situations he faces.

When Ja Wangnan reached the 20th Floor with a group of friends, they were not able to pass. That being said, all of his friends eventually gave up until he was the only one still trying to pass the test. At that point, he was all alone in his dark room (mirroring Baam in the cave), with an accumulating debt, an empty bowl of rice and no one to talk to. But still, he held on to hope.

He also has good leadership qualities, as observed by Koon, being able to bring even psychos like Quaetro Blitz around to his side.