Ja Wangnan

Wangnan FOD


Korean Name 자 왕난
Status Active
Location Hidden Floor
Affiliations Regulars
Team Tangsooyook
Team Rachel
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 1

Powers and Abilities

Ja Wangnan is at a relatively normal, if not weaker, standard for Regulars, though he appears to have some luck and strategic skills on his side. He doesn't do particularly well in his tests, failing several tests throughout his journey up the Tower. He kept failing the tests on the 20th Floor to the point he became bankrupt and in debt. He would commonly run away from the loansharks, if and when possible. Wangnan currently possesses an Arms Inventory that consists mostly of Shinsoo Bombs, but also holds a black needle and a Reel Inventory.[1]

Moderate Physical Strength and Shinsoo Control: In terms of physical strength, he might be anywhere from weak to average. Though there was one instance where he appeared strong enough to significantly punch and launch someone flying a few meters.[2] His Shinsoo capabilities are actually one of his weaker skills. Both flaws were proven when he was placed 15th in the World's Strongest Regular Test, a test that focused on shinsoo strengthening.[3]

Agility: Regardless, he is also seen to be quite agile, seeing he at least managed to avoid being hit by Jyu Viole Grace,[4] even though it is true his opponent was restraining his powers in order to possibly eliminate him without causing any fatal injuries.

Shinsoo Bombs: Wangnan's preferred method of offence consists of different types of shinsoo bombs, with usage depending on the situation. He trusts in these powerful bombs, is quite accurate when attacking with them and will also use normal explosives as a last resort. Wangnan also uses bombs containing pepper powder,[5] to probably blind and/or incapacitate enemies. It seems that most or all of these bombs also create a smoke screen, to buy him or his team some time, to retreat or to perform some other action. His aim and eyesight are quite good, seeing as he at least managed to hit Mule Love with a pepper bomb, from quite a distance.[5] His bombs have varying sizes but they don't extend in length, so he still has to be very precise when guiding their trajectory.

  • Antimatter Bomb:[6] A special Shinsoo bomb that was created by Sophia Amae as a control policy in case the living Ignition Weapons went out of control.[6] The bomb works by destroying the body composition of living Ignition Weapons; its drawback is that whenever Wangnan touches the antimatter it also slightly destroys his body.[6] It took Wangnan an entire year to be able to control this bomb[6] but he is able to freely control its movement and trajectory after throwing it.
Leadership Qualities: It has been noted by Koon himself that Wangnan has undeniable qualities to be a true leader. This is also the real reason why Koon made Wangnan the Vanguard of their team, not just because he was the weakest and cheapest. One of the, if not the most important, qualities Wangnan holds is his ability to befriend even those of seemingly psychotic standards, such as Quaetro Blitz.
Wangnan (HT)

Wangnan's most recent Arms Inventory

Even looking back, Wangnan was able to have Viole open up to friends once again and even convinced Ha Jinsung, said to be one of the cruelest of FUG, to decide not to kill Wangnan and his group (with Wangnan not knowing of this agenda at all).

Immense Endurance and Regeneration: After he was stabbed in the heart by Beta, the latter said that he wouldn't last much longer.[7] Regardless, he was able to bravely summon Viole afterwards,[7] implying that he is strong enough to stay alive even after getting stabbed in the heart, even though a "normal human" would have been killed if this happened to them. After the Workshop Battle ended, it only took Wangnan a single day to completely recover from having his heart pierced.[8] How he did this is unknown.

Untapped Potential: SIU says that Wangnan isn't super strong to begin with, but hints that he could be later on. [9]

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