Hyun Seung


Korean Name 현 승
Status Failed
Position Spear Bearer
Affiliations Regulars
First Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 9
Last Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 21

Hyun Seung (현 승, Hyeon Seung; "Hyun Seung") was a Regular who was assigned to the Spear Bearer position.

Appearance and Personality

Hyun Seung is a lanky bald-headed guy with a long-shaped head and narrowed black eyes. He wore a red vest and a hakama-like garment over red bottoms.

Tower of God: Part 1

Lero-Ro's Test

He teamed up with Chichi and Rozéal and managed to pass Lero-Ro's Test.

Crown Game

Hyun Seung participated in the Crown Game with his team, coming out in round three, however he was injured by Rak, resulting in his elimination.

Powers and Abilities

Hyun Seung fought with a long red spear and was seemingly proficient in its use although he was still no match for Rak.


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