Hong Danhwa

Hong Danhwa

Korean Name 홍 단화
Status Alive
Location 39th Floor
Affiliations Regulars
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 123

Hong Danhwa (홍 단화, Hong Danhwa) is a D-rank Regular who helped Ha Yura to reach her allies and board the Hell Express. After being defeated by Boro, he travelled with the former and Hanool Kang until he himself got on the Hell Express. He is currently at the Name Hunt station on the 39th Floor.


Somewhere in the Tower, in his homeland, Danhwa was chosen to be the owner of the sword "Krishna". After being chosen, he came into the Tower.

Appearance and Personality

Danhwa is a young, tall man with fair skin, blonde hair and generally good looks. He wears a generally white and blue themed ensemble and carries around with him an interesting sword.

He is a very gentlemanly person who will even sacrifice himself for his peers, as demonstrated with Ha Yura, even though she showed a ruthless streak by nonchalantly killing a member of her own 'team'. He is seemingly very loyal, as he openly stated he would betray his current set of allies if it meant helping Ha Yura.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

Revolution Road

Danhwa participated in "The Last 7" game and was one of the Regulars who caught the attention of Aka's subordinates. He later joined Ha Yura's team and was picked to participate in the "Crazy Yellow Ball" game in the first match of the tournament. However he was never called into action.

Along with Yura, he escaped the tournament area and fled to meet with Rachel. As they got to the Entrance floor he and Yura encountered Hwa Ryun's group and they gave chase but the two escaped after Yura turned the guardian on. As the two continued to flee, they were caught up and Danhwa stayed behind to allow Yura enough time to escape with Boro being his opponent. Using his Ignition Weapon, he fought against Boro, gaining the upper hand very briefly, but was soon overwhelmed when Boro used his unique martial arts style to bypass Krishna's attacks and impale Danhwa with his needle. Boro then asked why he was helping Yura and he replied asking if Boro knew what was on the train. Boro told him that only hell existed on the train before leaving him.


He appeared alongside Boro and Hanool Kang on the 37th Floor, after being given Hana Yu's Express Ticket. He asked Boro if what he was told was true and then listened as Boro revealed his history of his time on the Hell Express.

Wooden Horse

During the day, he, Boro and Hanool Kang finally arrived at the Wooden Horse station and soon entered inside. At 10:30PM, Aka arrived along with Sachi Faker who stated the train had arrived at the Wooden Horse.

At the 'Altar' Danhwa was one of the Regulars that witnessed Hoaqin effortlessly decimating a large amount of the Regulars at the station.

Later, with only 10 minutes left to board the train, he and the others raced towards the stairs of the train but caught the attention of Hoaqin on the way. With freak lightning interrupting Hoaqin's assault, Baam, Koon and Rak swiftly arrived on the stairs leading into the train. A brief scuffle broke out between the two sides but it was interrupted when they were all teleported to the train conductor's office. The conductor introduced himself and then informed them about a game that would decide who would become the Slayer candidate in a month's time. At that, he teleported them away to different locations in the train.

A Month

Their group immediately encountered the guardian Yokim and they planned on taking him down until Hwa Ryun suggested that from that point onwards, Baam was to take all tests by himself in order to prepare for challenging Hoaqin. Danhwa then watched as Baam took on and eventually defeated Yokim allowing them to pass the stage.

During their traversing of the train's pathways, the group eventually encountered the "god" of guardians. After a brief discussion, Baam took the guardian on but the guardian snatched Baam up and took him away. Danhwa and the others then waited for three weeks for Baam to return.

Eventually Baam hurriedly returned and the group narrowly made it to the 4th stage in time.

The Dallar Show

Danhwa and the others listened to the rules of the Dallar Show and then watched as Koon coolly won the first round. During the second round game, "Transferring the sweetfish", Hong Danhwa was partnered with Koon and Hwa Ryun.

Powers and Abilities

Danhwa is a swordsman specialist who wields a sword called "Krishna" (크리슈나, keulisyuna) which is also an Ignition Weapon. It can release powerful yellow-orange blasts of shinsoo when swung.[1] He possesses higher than average skills, as his skills were noted by both Moontari[2] and Ha Yura.

Notes and Trivia

  • Hong Danhwa shares the same last name and generation name as Hong Chunhwa as well as also wielding an Ignition Weapon of his own too. This may mean that they are from the same family and may even know each other. SIU stated that they are from the same village.[3]


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