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Korean Name
Status Deceased
Position Wave Controller
Affiliations Regular
First Appearance Vol.1, Ch.06

Ho (호) was a Regular. He managed to pass most of the tests on the Second Floor and was assigned to the Wave Controller position.

He teamed up with Laure and Serena Rinnen for the Crown Game where he surrendered when things became difficult. He became friends with Baam, but soon realized that Baam's talent handling Shinsoo was far greater than his, and he began to envy Baam. He then received an anonymous note telling him that if he killed Rachel then Baam would stop climbing the Tower.

When he was put on Team B for the Hide-and-Seek test, the same team as Baam and Rachel, he decided to put his plan into motion. He abandoned Serena Rinnen and headed to Rachel's Lighthouse. After persuading Rachel to come out by telling her that someone was targeting Baam, he held a knife to her throat and told her that he was going to kill her for God. However, Quant arrived and attacked him. Parakewl and Mauchi were able to distract Quant long enough for him to get into the Safety Zone, where they teamed up to hold Quant in position with hostages... When Baam arrived, Ho tried to get him to attack Quant by threatening to kill Rachel, but Baam was able to immobilize Ho long enough to save Rachel.

Ho then revealed that everyone he knew was killed by a Ranker before he came to the Tower. He told Baam that they had never been friends, said that he hated him and then stabbed himself. Serena, Baam and a few others hosted a small funeral for Ho after he died.


  • (To Baam) "I always wondered... why God... gave it such power. And why didn't God give me the power to defend them. Like Laure's... or yours... that kind of power. If I only had such power... maybe... they wouldn't have died. Right- I didn't get rid of her to climb the Tower. It's not because you were my competitor. I just... for some reason... I really hated you, Baam."[1]

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Ho was included (along with Koon, Laure and Hatsu) as one of the Regulars Rak considered worthy prey during the first test on the Second Floor, though he was not considered as dangerous as Anak or the Black March.


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