High-Leech Monk

High leech monk

Korean Name 하이 - 리치 몽크
Status Active
Location 43rd Floor
Affiliations Gatekeepers
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 236

The "Last Gatekeeper" High-Leech Monk ("초후의 문지기" 하이 - 리치 몽크, 'Chohu-ui Munjigi' High-Leech Monk) guards the main entrance to the Floor of Death. He takes the souls of those who wish to enter the Floor.[1][2]

Appearance and Personality

The High-Leech Monk appears like a traditional monk with wooden-looking skin, a shaven head, elongated earlobes, piercing red concentric eyes and a pink Urna in the centre of his forehead. He wears a navy blue garb fastened round the waist by a blue sash and a thick golden banglet around his neck. He levitates barefoot.

He appears to be very focused on his function of preventing entry of the living into the Floor of Death.

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Powers and Abilities

The High-Leech Monk has the ability to see souls, enabling him to see through solid objects; by his own acclaim, his eyes cannot be deceived.[2] He also has control over the shinheuh, the Soul Devourers.[2] He fights using gigantic shinsoo bamboo spears. According to Hockney, one has to aim at the centre to destroy them.[2]

Notes and Trivia

  • Despite being the one who protects the entrance to the Floor, he appears to defer to certain 43rd Floor inhabitants of great power, such as Garam Zahard.


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