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Hell Joe


Korean Name 헬 조
Location 43rd Floor
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 238

Hell Joe (헬 조, Hel Jo) is an inhabitant of the Floor of Death; he is the lord and ruler of South City and dwells inside the Red Fortress.[1]

Appearance and Personality

His skin, hair and eyes are grey. Red appendages come out of his back and antennas from his forehead. He has impressive scars on his face.

Hell Joe seems to enjoy comics and gets annoyed when others interrupt him when he is reading. According to a Red Witch, he can be described as maverick, in a way he doesn't trust anyone else.


Hell Joe Rebellion

Hell Joe's rebellion

Hell Joe used to be a "Hole Repairman" in the South City. On the Floor of Death, these “holes” are special organs, which pull shinsoo from the outside. Hell Joe came to know everything about holes after working on them for such a long time. Eventually, the former ruler of South City, Grand De Sah, began to trust Hell Joe. Afterwards, Grand De Sah called him into his castle and appointed him “Top Hole Master”. Having become the Top Hole Master, Hell Joe started changing the structure of the Holes as he pleased, allowing him the control over the shinsoo and the life of South City. Subsequentially most of Grand De Sah’s underlings changed sides, and eventually, Hell Joe led those people to the core of the castle against Grand De Sah. Until finally, he ruled over South City.

Hell joe bursts

Hell Joe bursting before Karaka

Notes and Trivia

Hell joe comic

Hell Joe reading the comic book.

  • Hero 12, the comic Hell Joe is reading, features a scene in which one person steps into someone's head. Similar to the moment in which Ha Yuri Zahard stepped into Baam's head during the events of Ch.02: 1F - Headon's Floor (2)


  1. Vol.2 Ch.238: 43F - Hell Train: The Floor of Death (7)

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