Hell Joe



Korean Name 헬 조
Status Active
Location 43rd Floor
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 238
Last Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 259

Hell Joe (헬 조, Hel Jo) is an inhabitant of the Floor of Death; he is the lord and ruler of South City and dwells inside the Red Fortress.[1]


Hell Joe Rebellion

Hell Joe's rebellion

Hell Joe used to be a "Hole Repairman" in the South City. On the Floor of Death, these “holes” are special organs, which pull shinsoo from the outside. Hell Joe came to know everything about holes after working on them for such a long time. Eventually, the former ruler of South City, Grand De Sah, began to trust Hell Joe. Afterwards, Grand De Sah called him into his castle and appointed him “Top Hole Master”. At some point, he encountered Urek Mazino who gave him a monster from within the holes[2], because Urek was fascinated about Joe's huge dream of getting everyone out of Floor of Death. Hell Joe wanted use holes to share power with everyone on Floor of Death, use Soul-Stirring Ladle and to escape the floor. Grand De Sah was disapproving of that plan, because they believed in destiny of savior. De Sah tried to imprison Hell Joe, but he overwhelmed his minions. Some servants joined Hell Joe and they tried to take over the South City peacefully. De Sah branded Joe as a traitor and made the youngest member of Grand Family an heir. Then rulership was offered to winner through a vote. To his dismay Hell Joe lost a vote and became lonely and stressed, Red Thryssa used that state of his mind and was tempting him to "become one". Disappointed that others are just afraid of change, he staged a coup and taken over the South City by force. De Sah pretended to break the ladle, so that Joe couldn't use it to give back the souls to inhabitants of this floor[3]. He later tried to take over North City but thank to Gran De Jah's eyes, which could predict the future, and the aid of a mysterious woman, he was forced to give up on invading North City.

He later tasked David Hockney with teaming up with Yuliu Mata to find the thorn fragments with the false promise to find a way for him to leave the floor of death. When Hockney refused to find the rest of the fragments after finding one for him, Hell Joe tore out Hockney's eyes in a fit of rage and tried to use them to find the thorns himself, to no avail. He later tortured a Red Witch in an attempt to force her to find the fragments for her, unaware that Guides' powers don't work on the Floor of Death, and causing her to die an excruciating death.

Appearance and Personality

His skin, hair and eyes are grey and he has impressive scars on his face. Red appendages come out of his back and antennas from his forehead. Joe wears a puffy hooded parka-like jacket with a red fluffy collar; it is bound by a three-eyes brooch at his neck. When using the powers of the Red Thryssa, he gains red horns, glowing red eyes, claws on his right hand, and an insectile mouth with mandibles and fangs.

Hell Joe seems to enjoy comics and gets annoyed when others interrupt him when he is reading. According to a Red Witch, he can be described as maverick, in a way he doesn't trust anyone else. Hwa Ryun also declared that he is defying fate itself as he caused a Red Witch to die when she was not yet destined to.

Image Gallery

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Floor of Death

With Ssong coming to tell him of Karaka's arrival, Joe irritatedly told him to get lost as he was trying to finish his comic. Ssong persisted and they discussed what to do when Karaka arrived and they were empty handed, reminding him of the 'promise' they'd agreed on. Joe angrily replied to tell Karaka he could no longer co-operate due to the poor quality of gifts he had received before telling Ssong to get lost.

Later, Karaka burst in and argued with Joe about their ends of the deal. Going on a ranting tangent, Karaka then gave him a new offer: bring him the intruders that had disappeared. Joe initially refused until Karaka told him that one of the intruders was capable of getting them out off the Floor of Death.

With Karaka's new offer being set, Joe asked his Army Commanders whether he should believe Karaka's words with the Commanders having differing opinions on whether to trust Karaka or not. Joe then announced to everyone on the Floor of Death the false revelation that the final piece of the Thorn was in his castle and if they wanted it, they should challenge him and his Commanders.

With a mysterious woman attacking the castle and killing Walcott, an excited Joe got ready to go and confront her himself. On his way, he saw a fleeing Fabregas. Calling him out on his cowardly actions, Fabregas tried to retaliate but instead fell victim to Joe's fearsome power. Ordering Fabregas to capture the other intruders if he wanted his power back, Joe went off to confront Yuri.

Seeing power of possessed by Ghost of the 13 Months Yuri, Hell Joe asked her for favor to break the curse keeping him on this floor. Even after offering anything she wants and declaring his plan to become King of the Tower, the Ghost rejected Hell Joe saiyng he is not the King she is waiting for. Their negotiations were interrupted by Garam Zahard. Hell Joe was trying to help possessed Yuri, but she attacked him in return. After arrival of Baam, Yuri caming back to her senses and getting ignored, Hell Joe got impatient and just attacked everyone. With power similar to Administrator of the Floor, teamed up princesses were no match for him. But he was stopped by heroic arrival of Urek Mazino.

Urek came to question Joe what happend with him nad his dream. He noticed that Hell Joe wasn't the same as he met him for the first time. Urek told Joe that he "got smaller" by losing excitement about his ambitious huge dream. Hell Joe didn't want to believe Mazino. It was shocking for Hell Joe that, even with his power of Administrator, he couldn't beat Urek, who wasn't even using shinsoo. Red Thryssa, irritated by Mazino, taken over Hell Joe. But it's tremendous power wasn't enough to defeat irregular. Urek was just pretending to take the beating, so that Red Thryssa wouldn't notice injecting drug, that would seperate it from Joe. Mazino, dissapointed with Red Thryssa's power, literally punched it out of Joe and ripped it's head off. Unconscious Joe fell down.

After losing Red Thryssa, Hell Joe got beaten by Hockney, who berated him for what has he done. Joe was despairing about Urek taking away his power. Mazino tried to cheer him up to go make his dream come true again. While Joe was saying that's impossible now, he suddenly lost consciousness along with others inhabitants of Floor of Death.

When Po Bidau Gustang returned souls to Spirit Room, Joe woke up. He rejected help from Urek to leave that floor. Joe didn't like what he found out about himself, while he was powerful, saying he is just a loser now. Joe walked away with his subordinates.

Later Gustang erased memory of every inhabitant of Floor of Death.

Powers and Abilities

  • Joe's fearsome power
  • Hell Joe's Weak Beam

SIU explained that he is strong, even by High Rankers' reckoning, especially so since he is on his 'home turf'.[4] He is among the strongest on the 43rd Floor; even a person of Karaka's strength cannot take him lightly.[5] Due to his absolute knowledge of the holes running within the Floor, Joe is able to disable his opponent's shinsoo attacks by manipulating the holes.[5] Together with his Red Thryssa abilities, it has made him almost invincible on the Floor of Death.

  • Claws of the Red Thryssa (붉은 바리의 손톱, Bulg-eun Bali-ui Sontob): He was able to wound Ha Yuri Zahard with this move.
  • Hell Joe: Blood Flood (헬 조 블러드 플러즈, Hel Jo Beulleodeu Peulleoseu): He is able to flood the holes (blood vessels) of the Guardian corpse with its blood.
  • Hell Joe: Weak Beam (헬 조 약한 빔, Hel Jo Yaghan Bim): He was able to generate a 'weak' Shinsoo blast of intense shinsoo that completely eradicated everything in front of him by a large range.[2]
  • The Zero Area (제로의 영역, Jelo-ui Yeong-yeog): He lowers the Shinsoo density so that other people are no longer able to use Shinsoo manipulation techniques. Baam was not affected by this technique; possibly due the Thorn.[6]

Red Thryssa: Hell Joe's main offensive power stems from his acquisition of the abilities of the Red Thryssa, a fearsome predator. The Red Thryssa's abilities exist equally within his teeth and right hand and enables him to paralyse and absorb the powers of any Floor of Death inhabitant he catches.[5] While this allows Joe to somewhat circumvent the immortality spell, using the ability does not actually kill inhabitants of the 43rd Floor but makes it almost impossible for victims to recover their powers.[5]

Notes and Trivia

Hell joe comic

Hell Joe reading the comic book.

  • Hero 12, the comic Hell Joe is reading, features a scene in which one person steps into someone's head. Similar to the moment in which Ha Yuri Zahard stepped on to Baam's head during the events of Season 1 Chapter 2.
  • SIU described Hell Joe as an OP character.[7]
  • Hell Joe is based on the concept Hell Joseon.[4]


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