Appearance and Personality


Hatsu (hell train)

Hatsu parte 2

Hatsu 2

Korean Name 하츠
Status Active
Location 39th Floor
Position Scout
Affiliations Regulars
Ship's Team
Age 18[citation needed]
Height 167 cm
First Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 6
Last Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 225

Appearance and Personality

Part 1

Hatsu is a dark haired boy. He is well muscled, although very thin. He wears a black and maroon Samurai-esque garb with an orange cloth tied around his waist.

Hatsu's actions are dictated by a code of honour drilled into him since he was a child. This includes repaying debts to other people, and not betraying one's teammates. He expects others to follow and is enraged when encountering people who don't (Koon). He also finds it hard to comprehend people who would betray their own teammates out of cowardice, exemplified when he trusted Parakewl in the Hide and Seek Test.

Apart from outbursts when his honour is insulted, Hatsu is generally very cool headed, being able to think quickly while fighting. He is quiet and does not socialize much, at times being abrasive and having difficulty recruiting friends. Nor does he know much about the sexual aspect of life, not understanding why people would want to look at Androssi in compromising garments or positions. His ineptitude is also seen when he turns his face away without blushing or changing his neutral facial expression after Androssi comments that he is quite handsome.

Part 2

During the initial events of the Workshop Battle, Hatsu wore a more casual outfit featuring a black jacket with red edges over a plain black t-shirt and dark trousers. He replaced his two swords with a single katana that that a square cross-guard and red hilt-wrapping over a black hilt. Later, at the Name Hunt station, Hatsu has gone back to wearing his more traditional Samurai-esque garments featuring a dark blue kimono with thick black trimmings. He also has a new sword which is kept in an ornately-decorated red sheathe.

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