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Ha Yurin
Korean Name 하 유린
Sobriquet Snake Head
Position Scout


Family Ha Family
Affiliations High Rankers

10 Great Warriors

Ranking 10
Height 190cm[citation needed]

Ha Yurin (하 유린, Ha Yoorin, "Ha Yurin") is the head of the Ha Family.

It is said that she possesses a very aggressive and bold personality. So, amongst the 10 Great Family Heads, she would be the one to fight in the front lines of battle. She was the first person to hold the Scout position in The Tower.


Yurin is the leader of the Ha Family, one of the 10 Great Families and the great-grandmother of Ha Yuri Zahard (appearance-wise, Yurin doesn't look much older than Yuri).

She had two children (twins) with another Great Family leader, Ari Han, but they never married. Staying unmarried--although she had many other relationships since--she never gave birth again, possibly due to the power of blood. (This is not uncommon among the 10 Great Families. Compared to their ages, the number of children they have is relatively small.)

Because of this, the Ha Family does not have many branch families, and the main branch of the family is centred around Yurin's two children. However, the two children do not have a friendly relationship, and each claims to be the rightful heir to the family. Because of this, even within the Han Family, there is a not-so-small quarrel about this matter. Of course, Yurin has no interest in such things and, lately, she has ceased all her other activities and is enjoying herself in her main house.

She is like a god within the Ha Family but she rarely engages in outside activities.

With the birth of Yuri, who greatly resembles Yurin, the Ha Family placed their faith in her, hoping that she would collect all of the 13 Month Series. Because of this, Yuri's title, "Black Snake Head", is very similar to her great-grandmother’s.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She possessed a very rough but intelligent fighting style and a strong-enough physique to perform the duties of both a Fisherman and a Scout. With grace and flexibility, she wove through the battle field, and it is said she was the first to use Shinsoo to strengthen one's body in battle.

After she became the Family's Head, she has not participated in battle since.


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