Ha Yuri Zahard

Yuri Kranos Crop


Korean Name 하 유리 자하드
Sobriquet Black Snakehead[1]
Status Active
Location Hell Express
Position Fisherman
Family Ha Family
Zahard Family
Affiliations High Rankers
Zahard's Princesses
Ranking Top 500[2] (at least)[3]
Age 618~
Birthplace Ha Family House
Height 180 cm[4]
First Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 2

Evan Edrok: Yuri Zahard's current partner; an A-rank Guide. She trusts his judgement, but she can get on his nerves with her playful and somewhat reckless attitude.

Urek Mazino: She is acquainted with another Irregular, Urek Mazino, and seems to have some level of involvement in the creation of an organisation called 'Wing Tree' or Wolhaiksong. She evaluates Urek as 'the best to fight with, but the worst to live with'. Later on when Mazino meets Viole and hears him talk about his strong desire to protect the ones he cares about, he immediately thinks about how much Yuri would like him.

Twenty-Fifth Baam: It's known that Yuri has a large amount of faith in Baam's abilities. She gave Baam the Black March during his first test despite Evan's protests, also risking her reputation. When she went to retrieve the Black March, she implies that she's planning on giving Kurudan's Wing Tree to Baam. During the Submerged Fish Test, with encouragement from Evan and Androssi, she again placed her faith in Baam's ability to survive.
It was revealed that Yuri had been covertly searching for Baam for the past five years, even though he was declared deceased on the 2nd Floor.[5] When asked why, she answered "He's not someone who'd die like that". She then gets a nosebleed and her heart beats faster after thinking about him.

Phantaminum: Yuri Zahard is also known to have met another Irregular, Phantaminum, in the inner palace of Zahard, but she didn't say anything about the matter except for "He was a messy one".

Notes and Trivia

  • For some unknown reason, she seems to have an affinitive liking to Irregulars, shown by her confidence in Urek Mazino's strength and her desire for Baam to reach the top.


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