Ha Jinsung


Korean Name 하 진성
Status Active
Location 40th Floor
Position Fisherman[1]
Family Ha Family
Affiliations High Rankers
Ranking Top 100[1]
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 27

Ha Jinsung (하 진성, Ha Jin-Sung) is a High Ranker of the Ha Family and a member of FUG.


Jinsung fails

Jinsung's tragedy

Ha Jinsung was originally a member of a branch of the Ha Family. At some point Ha Jinsung fell in love with an unnamed woman who was later sold to his branch family.[2] In his anger, he annihilated the entire branch, unable to rescue her as the woman died as well. This event ultimately leads him to hold a grudge against the Great Families, joining FUG as the result. For some time he trained Karaka and later Jyu Viole Grace. He was amazed at Viole's talent to mimic anything he saw once and continually brags about Viole's talents to others.

Appearance and Personality

Ha Jinsung is a tall, slender man with brown hair and brown eyes. He is approximately half a head taller than Viole.[3] Jinsung has a perm which most people find cheap and funny.[3]

Jinsung has a carefree and fun-loving attitude, although this also serves as a mask to hide his true intentions. Since meeting Baam, his character has mellowed slightly to the point where he feels regret at the FUG's treatment of Baam.[3] According to Hwa Ryun, he respects Viole's decision to stay with Team Tangsooyook.[3]

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Return of the Prince


Ha Jinsung first appears as Yihwa finds out that Viole is meeting Hwa Ryun at Regular Karaoke. At first, he wonders if Yihwa is another new member of FUG. Yihwa soon realises that the three of them are FUG members and he soon notices her Yeon Family hairpin and accuses her of being a spy from the 10 Great Families. Viole tries to defend Yihwa by saying she is his teammate, but Yihwa denies this, prompting Jinsung to prepare to attack her. Viole ends up knocking her out to protect her.

Hwa Ryun then suggests that they take Yeon back to Viole's lodging to chat. There, Jinsung introduces himself to Wangnan and Goseng and asks if they bully Viole, although he eventually ends up going on and on about Viole being a genius. All throughout the conversation, Wangnan responds to his antics nervously.

After Jinsung leaves to see Viole on the roof, Hwa Ryun informs Wangnan that Jinsung had actually come to eliminate all seven of Viole's current teammates to get him to form a better team, but had changed his mind for now, as he respects Viole's decision. She warns him that many FUG members currently have complaints against Viole's current team.

Later, he goes to the roof to see Viole.

Ha jinsung

Epilogue, Path

Jinsung is troubled when Viole gets hurt from protecting one of his teammates during the test. He tells Team Tangsooyook that he wants them to leave and that he would guarantee safety from FUG. Wangnan is visibly troubled by this but later returns to tell him that they would be walking their own paths and taking Viole with them, regardless of FUG. After Wangnan leaves, Karaka appears to question Jinsung's motives. He replies that letting Viole have friends simply increases their hostages.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Workshop Battle


He arrives at Karaka's secret hideout where he is questioned by one of its guards to which he replied, "Kids these days...". He subsequently proceeded to make his way to Karaka, easily defeating the hideout's guards on the way. Upon reaching Karaka, the latter sarcastically greeted him and the two began to discuss matters involving recent events. Jinsung then ended the discussion by giving his former student a warning, before leaving.

Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train


He appeared suddenly at Team Tangsooyook's residence, mentioning that his cute pupil was always asleep when he came to visit and noting that the team had some new faces. After being asked why he was there, Jinsung replied that while coming to see someone he decided to drop by before coldly inquiring who had put Viole in such a condition. He then attempts to prevent Baam from getting on the Hell Train, upon learning that Hoaqin was possibly going to be revived. He easily defeats Chang Blarode and Quatro Blitz but is tricked by Koon Aguero Agnis into allowing Baam and his team to escape.

The 'Name Hunt' Station

Realising there was no way to know what happened during the Hell Train journey, Jinsung decided to attend the auction that took place during the Festival of the Name Hunt Station, featuring a battle between a Slayer candidate and a Zahard Princess. Before arriving, he received a message from Hwa Ryun explaining the situation along with Baam's plan. When Ha Ruda and Lo Po Bia Porp challenged each other for Lo Po Bia Elaine at the auction, he calmly challenged them to bet all at once. Shocking the other two by betting 10 billion points, he explained it was a small price to pay for his favourite disciple's favour and that his God was saving her. He was later seen travelling with Elaine towards the 40th Floor.

Powers and Abilities

As a member of the Ha Family, Jinsung is proficient at martial arts and also incredibly strong. Not only is he a member of a Great Family, but he is a High Ranker, which heightens the standards one would expect of him.[4]. He was strong enough to kill an entire branch of the Ha Family because his love was sold.[2] Additionally, even the Elders and Slayers of FUG are wary of angering him, speaking volumes about his strength. In fact, he is such a monster that Hwa Ryun stated that even a Slayer would have trouble against him in a serious fight.

Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique (화접 공파술, or "Hwajeop Gongpahsool"): As the one who taught Viole this trademark FUG technique, Ha Jinsung is a master using this technique.[2] The technique allows one to transfer a shock of Shinsoo through vibrations from oneself to a targeted object, vibrating the target's inner Shinsoo and destroying it from within. Jinsung was able to completely obliterate a rock golem with what seemed like an offhand touch.[2]

Ha Jinsung Style Piercing Technique: Crimson Flame (하진성 류 공파술 적화, Ha Jinsung-lyu Gongpahsool: Jeoghwa): One of his signature techniques; his student Viole managed to break part of Kaiser's Armor Inventory with it.

Notes and Trivia

  • He is higher up in the Ha Family tree than Ha Yuri Zahard.[4]
  • Jinsung calls Wangnan, "Wangnang".[3]
  • Jinsung asked Wangnan if he used Twitter and Wangnan said no.
  • Jinsung tells Wangnan to buy him cigarettes. Wangnan returns with lollipops instead. In his next appearances, Jinsung is seen eating the lollipops instead of smoking cigarettes.
    • As the lollipops were Chupa Chups (as commented on by Jinsung), this was a reference to their 1980's ad campaign, featuring slogans like "Smoke Chupa Chups" and "Stop smoking, start sucking". This is in line with SIU's other reference to older candies, which were the prize in the 28th Floor test.
  • Jinsung buys clothes for Viole every season, much to Viole's chagrin.[5]
  • Ha Jinsung joined FUG to get his revenge on the Great Families. Though he is very strong he is not a Slayer.
  • He is ranked within the top 100 (High) Rankers.[1]
  • He is allowed to interfere with Regulars to some degree, while most Rankers would be executed.[6]
  • SIU said that, excluding Yuri and Mazino, he was the strongest "person" (most likely not including Guardians) Baam had met as of Season 2 Chapter 155.[7]


  • (About Viole, to Wangnan) "He copies anything he sees once!"[3]
  • (To Yu Han Sung) "Rage dulls the senses. I feel like those dull senses have come alive today."[2]
  • (To Karaka) "Doesn't the fact that Viole has more friends just mean we have more hostages as collateral?"[8]
  • (To Koon Aguero Agnis) "Don't get so nervous, kid. I've changed a lot. I no longer kill Ten Families whenever I meet them."[9]



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