Grand Eléctrica Perla
  • Preparing the attack...
  • ...before generation
Hangul 그란 일렉르리카 펄
Romaja Geulin Illegteulika Peol
English Big Electric Pearl
Battle Data
Shinsoo Control Jeonsul
Classification Projectile Technique
Usage Offensive
Parent Technique Eléctrica Perla
Derived Techniques None
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 199
Known Users Koon Ran

Grand Eléctrica Perla is a more "enlarged" version of the Jeonsul technique Eléctrica Perla. Whilst augmented by Redan and, after gathering as much shinsoo as possible into several baangs that feed into a single baang, the user transmutes the large amount of Shinsoo into an immense ovular pearl-shaped electricity construct.[1] This pearl-shaped electricity construct can be shaped and thrown at an enemy afterwards.


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