Grand De Lee

Grand de lee

Korean Name 그랑 드리
Status Active
Location 43rd Floor
Family Grand Family
Affiliations Rankers
First Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 243
Last Appearance Vol.2 Chapter 259

Grand De Lee (그랑 드리, Geulang Deuli) is the current leader of North City on the Floor of Death. He currently accompanies Grand De Jah in the Spirit Room.


At some point, Grand De Jah chose him as his replacement to become the leader of North City.

Appearance and Personality

His skin is alabaster white while his eyes have no visible pupils. He also wears a cloak that is half fixed over his upper body.

While appearing solemn and serious, he is also a very apologetic individual as noted by Baam and Rachel.

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Tower of God: Part 2 - The Hell Train

The Floor of Death

Powers and Abilities

He fights with a Needle and owns an invisble Observer: the Little Bee.

  • Grand De Lee, Sniper Eyes (그랑드리 명중의 눈, Geulangdeuli Myeongjung-ui' nun): a Needle fighting technique he used against Regulars, Koon Aguero Agnis managed to nullify it with his Enna Core.[1]


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